The Fashion Feed

Virtual Applications Revolutionising Eyewear Purchase

Picking out the right eye glasses is always a challenge. Not only is it time consuming to go from store to store trying on different frames, colours and shapes. But one is never sure if ...

Stylish Sneakers at Reebok Outlet Sale

**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. One of the biggest trend this season is normcore an “anti-fashion and anti-trends look” which is ironic! ...

Trendcasting: Minimalist Jewelry For Fall

I think it was Rachel Zoe who said that “there is no such thing as over accessorizing” well, that is definitely true but if you look really close on the jewelries she wears, you will notice that ...

The Beauty Feed

10 Ways to Style Off-the-Shoulder Tops

Another trend from the past made its way onto the fashion trends of 2014. Bloggers from around the world swapped their ubiquitous crop tops for more elegant 80’s style shirts with off-the-shoulder cuts. From Uli, a  blogger from Singapore to ...


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