The Best Cooling Products to Survive the Summer Heat in the Philippines

You'll feel fresh instantly with these products.

best cooling products to beat the summer heat in the philippines

The Philippines is currently experiencing a 43°C heat index these days. It’s a dangerous level, and besides shooting up the electricity bills, it also makes people more irritable than usual. Below are some of the best cooling products to beat this summer heat. I used all these products to survive the Philippine summer so I can guarantee that these will all effectively make you feel fresh instantly and the cooling effect lasts long.

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Cooling Products for Summer Heat

best cooling products for summer heat Human Nature Volcanic Cooling Body Scrub Review - style vanity asian beauty blog


1. Human Nature Volcanic Cooling Body Scrub

I reviewed this product back in 2017, and since then this has been my must-buy product every summer. This is the first-ever cooling product that made me shiver. And I love that the cooling effect lasts even after you finish your shower. I am warning you, on your first time using this, use a small amount only. I warned my parents about it, they thought I was exaggerating. They ended up shivering and needed more hot water to wash it out.

This is available on Human Nature’s Shopee for Php499 and Lazada for the same price.


best cooling products for philippine summer heat - Human Nature Cooling Leg & Body Cream

2. Human Nature Cooling Leg & Body Cream

Disclaimer: I first got to try this from Human Nature’s PR package around 2 years ago. This is one of the products I received from PR that I repurchased with my own money. Just like the Volcanic Cooling Scrub above, a little goes a long way or else you’ll end up shivering for at least an hour. At first application, you’ll think it’s okay. And then it will slowly get cold. I applied so much that I had to close my AC.

You can buy this on Human Nature Shopee for Php395 and Lazada for the same price.

Human Nature launched a Natural Cooling Lotion with a Cool Blossoms scent. I haven’t tried it yet but I heard it is also very cooling. And cheaper. It cost Php295 in Shopee and Lazada. (I will make a separate review post after trying it.)

Gatsby Deodorant Body Wipes

3. Gatsby Deodorant Body Wipes

This is one of my concert essentials. These Gatsby Deodorant Cooling Body Wipes are one of the best things I bring to concerts. It is refreshing and can wipe off body odors from sweating due to heat, humidity, and lining up for hours. I prefer this to cooling mist because liquids are usually not allowed in venues and the wipes’ cooling effect lasts way longer than mists. I also brought this on a trip to Bangkok, where my friend and I felt feverish due to the heat and these wipes helped us A LOT.

TIP: Keep this in the refrigerator to make it extra cold.

These are available in Shopee and Lazada for Php226 each. It comes in 4 different scents.

snake brand prickly heat powder

4. Snake Brand Prickly Heat Powder

Did you know that Fissan Powder has been discontinued in the Philippines? I didn’t know either until I saw that viral Tiktok ranting about the Philippine summer heat. Luckily, one of my friends recommended this during our Bangkok trip last December. She told me this is popular in TikTok too. This is a good alternative to treat Prickly Heat rash (aka Bungang Araw) or use as cooling powder all over your body.

Snake Brand is available on Watsons Shopee and Lazada pages for Php165. Other scents such as Japanese Sakura and Lavander (my favorite) for Php180 from other Shopee resellers.

Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Mist

5. Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Mist

I tried a bunch of cooling mists, but this is the only one that lasts longer. Another reason I like this is the size, it’s only 30ml so you can easily put this in your bag or bring it to concerts or sporting events. The only con is it sells out fast in the Philippines, especially the lavender scent. TIP: Keep this in the refrigerator to make it extra cold.

You can buy this on Snake Brand’s official pages on Shopee and Lazada for Php299. You can also buy them from this other Lazada reseller and Shopee reseller if they’re sold out from the official pages.

Fresh Hairlab Mint and Tea Tree Double Boost Zinc Shampoo and Treatment

6. Fresh Hairlab Mint and Tea Tree Double Boost Zinc Shampoo and Treatment

These two products are for deep nourishing and protection against the dry and itchy scalp for total dandruff control. But it’s so minty, it feels so cool and refreshing on the head while you wash it. This will cool you down from the summer heat.

You can buy the Shampoo for Php199 while the Treatment for Php259 (but it’s Buy 1 Take 1) in all Watsons’ stores including Lazada and Shopee.

That’s it! These are the best cooling products to beat the summer heat, especially in the Philippines. Also, don’t forget to drink lots of water and reapply your sunscreen.