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Hype or Not: Premier Dead Sea Review

We don’t talk about the benefits of beauty sleep for nothing, but that alone isn’t enough to make you all shiny and bright. What you do before you go to bed is essential to keeping your skin radiant and smooth. It also makes a big difference in your skin complexion too.

There’s nothing a good cream or night mask can’t take care of, as long as you look for products that are proven to have actual benefits. With that in mind, we’re here to present the Premier Dead Sea in-depth review and reveal whether you should use their products.

What Is Premier Dead Sea

Premier Dead Sea is one of the biggest manufacturers of cosmetic products from Israel. Their aim is to provide the most effective high-quality skincare. The Premier Dead Sea team says that they combine the latest scientific achievements with minerals found in the waters of the Dead Sea to get the best natural products.

The quality and effectiveness of their cosmetic treatments have been confirmed by lots of satisfied users. They’re a true bastion of innovation and their products perform well when it comes to renewing and rejuvenating the skin.

In fact, many celebrities have praised their products. There’s a great example on YnetNews and OkDermo of how pop icon Mariah Carey promotes Premier Dead Sea products.


There are a few factors that determine the overall performance and those are:

1. Scent

Of course, the scent is the first thing you notice when you start using Premier Dead Sea products. They offer a careful selection of aromatic oils combined with vital minerals. This means a light yet refreshing scent that reminds you of a sun-kissed beach. You can find out more about it in this YouTube video channel of Premier Dead Sea products. Since they have a variety of products, you can expect a wide selection of other scents as well.

2. Packaging

On a more aesthetic note, since Premier Dead Sea is a renowned name in the cosmetic industry, they keep their packages simple and smart.

Just enough text on the package to give you all the necessary information and an elegant blue container. They have a very sharp eye for details and all their products come in great packages you’ll be happy to have on your shelf.

3. Formula

The complexity and efficiency of their formula make them one of the best in the world. Premier Dead Sea products are said to have medical benefits and the best example are countless positive reviews of satisfied users and being called the best Japanese night moisturizer.

With a careful selection of ingredients such as Dunaliella seaweed black mud, water, botanicals, and precious salts, they have been able to come up with a unique formula that provides excellent skin care. Lots of tests have confirmed that these products are safe and use the purest ingredients.

4. Result

Premier Dead Sea products are known for their extremely strict procedures and standards so I was expecting great quality. This mixture provides a silky feeling, nourishment, and necessary moisture for all types of skin. It feels cool to the touch and it spreads evenly. I found that I could apply it quickly and smoothly, and it did a great job moisturizing my skin and keeping it nice and soft throughout the day.

The Peeling Mask wasn’t too aggressive and really made my face feel fresh. Some peeling products leave me with a red face that feels sore, as I have sensitive skin, but this time it was a pleasant experience. Overall, the Peeling Mask and Moisture Cream are a great combo that gives you a smooth and less oily face, and I found them to be perfect even for my sensitive skin.

The Final Verdict

Here are the pros and cons of Premier Dead Sea so that you can make an educated decision on whether to use these products.


  • Great results after only a few days
  • A wide variety of products
  • Safe formula
  • Suitable products for all skin types
  • Perfect for a daily skincare routine
  • Countless satisfied consumers


  • Fragrance can be mixed or confused
  • Some packages lack a proper expiration date
  • A certain feeling of unease on the skin with some consumers
  • Some slight problems with online purchases

I’ve had a great experience with their peeling and moisturizer combo. Also, judging by the number of satisfied users, chances are that you will find what you are looking for as well. Premier Dead Sea products are simple and straightforward, with natural ingredients, mild scent, and smooth texture. They’re easy to apply, they start working within a few days, and the results are impressive.

On TrustPilot you can find more Premier Dead Sea reviews, so check them out if you want to find out more about a specific product that I haven’t mentioned here.

Where to Buy?

If you are looking to make a purchase online, feel free to visit their official website and make a direct order or use to do the same. Other than that, their products are available in any cosmetic store in over 62 countries across the world.