Shopee Seller Review: Is KbeautyCafe Legit?

When I checked my website’s latest Analytics, I noticed that one of the most common search results from Google is “Is KbeautyCafe legit?” You’re probably here because you found them in Shopee or TikTok and you are curious if the products they sell are authentic. Well… before I answer that let me tell you a little information and a disclaimer about KbeautyCafe.

What is KbeautyCafe?

KBeautyCafe is an online store that specializes in Korean beauty products. They offer a wide range of skincare, makeup, and beauty products from popular Korean brands. According to their website, through our curations, they hope to spread the benefits of a skin-first philosophy and become a part of your journey to healthy and glowing skin.

They were one of the first local shops responsible for bringing Kbeauty brands like Kaine, Heimish, Haruharu, and By Wishtrend in the Philippines. And I believe, they were also one of the kbeauty product supplies of the now-defunct BeautyMNL.

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Disclaimer for the readers, I am their former affiliate from around 2019 to 2020 when shopping apps like Lazada and Shopee were not yet that mainstream. I also received beauty products from them around those times to review here and on my Instagram. But I assure you that this review is truthful.

I featured them several times on this website as a store recommendation in some of my product reviews and they were even included in my post about a list of legit kbeauty sellers in Shopee.

The reason the affiliate stopped is because of the 2020 lockdown and I don’t post skincare reviews on my Instagram as often as I used to. No bad blood or anything. I still buy from them from time to time to restock my favorite skincare from their Shopee.

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What sets Kbeautycafe apart from other beauty sellers in Shopee is that they also educate people on the proper use of skin care, debunk myths, and even have a guide on how to spot fake skincare products in their TikTok.

Is KbeautyCafe legit?

If you’ve read everything above, then the answer is obvious. Yes, KbeautyCafe is legit. They sell authentic beauty products that they sourced straight from South Korea. I highly recommend that you follow them in TikTok if you’re especially if you’re a skincare noob. They create their product reviews and educate us about skincare in general.

Here are the official accounts of KbeautyCafe:

If you have questions, you can reach KbeautyCafe on their social media accounts.