Where to Buy Film Rolls in the Philippines?

where to buy film rolls in the philippines
Photo by Ricardo Ortiz via Pixels.com

Films are not yet dead. So you decided to get a film camera, now where can you buy film rolls for your camera. And not just regular Kodak 400 films, you’re looking for the artsy ones and those with high ISO like the CineStill 800T. No worries, I got you. Below are the places where to buy film rolls in the Philippines.

1. MANILA VINTAGE PRIMES – aka Manila Vintage Camera, this one has a vast selection of cameras and films. They’re both available on Shopee and Lazada. This is where I bought my Reto 3D and Ultra Wide cameras. They also sell those hard-to-find films such as Cinestill, Ilford, A Girl Has A Film and many more.

2. SHOT ON FILM PH – This Shopee reseller sells film cameras from brands like Kodak and Fujifilm and sells film rolls from the same brands as Lomography, Dubblefilm, and FilmNeverDie.

3. I NEED FILM – Another Shopee reseller. They don’t have much variety but you can buy CineStill films from them and not just the 800T but also the other variants like the 50D and the new 400D.

4. FILM BUFF PH – They don’t have much variety too but they have those niche artsy film roll brands like A Girl Has A Film, BKFI, and Sunshine.

5. SOLEIL ET LUNE – Another Shopee seller but this one is based in Indonesia. But unlike the seller above, this one has the most niche film roll brands like Cira, Boen, Hoasca, Blithe, and more.

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So far these are the stores I know where to buy film rolls in the Philippines. As always, if I find more I’ll update this post.

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