Where to Buy Kpop Photocard Sleeves in the Philippines?

One of the many hobbies of a Kpop stan is collecting photo cards of their ult groups. We put it in a binder to keep them safe. However, some binder sleeves are made of PVC that can damage the prints our precious Kpop photocard collection. So just like any trading card collectors, we use card sleeves to protect them. But if you’re new to collecting or you cannot find a store where they sell the exact sizes of sleeves you need, below is my list where to buy Kpop photocard sleeves in the Philippines.

Where to Buy Kpop Photocard Sleeves?

1. GAMING LIBRARY – This is my go-to shop for Sultan Premium Sleeves. This shop offers many sizes from 56 x 87mm (the standard size for kpop photocards) to 80 x 80mm. And compared to all the shop in this list, they sell the cheapest prices.

2. GEEK BOX PH – This store is a favorite among Kpop stans and trading card collectors alike. They sell Mayday Premium Sleeves and Sleeve Kings which are both preferred by many collectors.

3. MEKUYA HOBBIES & STATIONARY – Sultan Premium Sleeves is actually an Indonesian brand, that is why this Indonesian-based Shopee seller has all the sizes of the brand available in their store. This is my go-to store whenever the sleeves I want are sold out in those two stores I mentioned above.

4. TOKOBOARDGAME.PH – Another Indonesian-based Shopee seller, but this one sells Mayday Premium Sleeves and Sleeve Kings.

5. WITH HANNA – A Korean-based Shopee seller, Hanna is a kpop stan that sells kpop merch. She only sells cute holographic sleeves though. But she also has those cute Sanrio photocard holder keyrings and binders and recently, she started selling the hard-to-find BT21 photocard holders.

6. DERNIER CRI SHOP – This Lazada shop sells a lot of different UltraPro sleeves from clear to colored sleeves and even binder and binder pockets. They even have deck boxes if you prefer keeping your collection in those. And of course, UltraPro magnetic cases.

7. THE HUB COLLECTIBLES – This one is based in the Philippines like Gaming Library and Geek Box PH. They sell UltraPro from sleeves, binder pockets, to magnetic cases. They specialize and sell NBA trading cards tho but the sizes are almost the same as Kpop photocards.

So far these are the shops I know where to buy Kpop photocard sleeves in the Philippines. If I found more, I’ll update this list.