The Unintetional “Skincare Diet” Helped Clear My Skin of Acne

I recently had an acne breakout due to an allergic reaction from a beauty product. So I decided to go to my trusted dermatologist in Flawless Clinic. He gave me a chemical treatment again, but this time I opted for Salicylic Peel instead of Mandelic Peel because of the former only last three days while the latter will make my skin peel for 2-4weeks and I don’t want to endure that again. After that, he also prescribed a new product. I’ve heard of it before but it was VERY PRICEY so I was hesitant to buy it. Also, the price does not always guarantee that it is a good product that will work. But he and especially the receptionist insisted I REALLY need it, so I gave in. But did it work? And how was it related to skincare diet? Scroll down to read my Mesoestetic Acne One review to know more about it and the skincare diet.


Mesoestetic Acne One is a cream for daily use designed for optimal, rapid, and convenient control of skin types prone to acne and seborrhea. The unique association of complementary and synergistic ingredients of their trademark “m.acne complex” simultaneously stimulates exfoliation of the pilosebaceous canal, reduces sebum production, controls bacterial proliferation and lessens the redness. It also promises to lighten post-acne hyperpigmentation.

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With all the big scientific words from its description, the Mesoestetic Acne One has a refreshing 12 ingredients only, you can see it in Skin Carisma. As I always say, less is better when it comes to skincare ingredients because they are purer and less likely to irritate your skin.

Its two most notable ingredients are 1) Mandelic Acid which has an anti-aging property and an AHA suitable for those with sensitive skin. And 2) Salicylic Acid, which is a BHA and an acne-fighting ingredient. My skin has many great experiences with both of those ingredients. But according to Mesoestetic website, this also contains an active ingredient called Bexaretinyl Complex, an exfoliating retinoid that boosts cell renewal while simultaneously possessing depigmenting properties that mitigate post-inflammatory acne-related hyperpigmentation.


APPLICATION: My dermatologist prescribed that I use the Acne One twice a day and to use sun protection SPF50+ during the daytime. And according to its label, apply a fine, even layer of the Acne One once or twice a day on cleansed skin, avoiding the eye contour and contact with mucous membranes.

SCENT: It has a soapy scent with a hint of sour like fruit.

PACKAGING: It comes in a box and packaged in a small squeeze tube. I wish they just put this in a pump bottle because the consistency of the cream is a little runny so dispensing it is quite tricky. You squeezed too little, nothing goes out or it goes out but it just goes back into the tube. But when you squeezed too much, too many creams will dispense, more than you actually needed.

FORMULA: It has a light creamy texture that is almost runny. It’s is non-tacky and absorbs fast into the skin, just the way every oily skin people likes. It doesn’t even leave a white cast or shine.

mesoestetic acne one review - packaging


Before I reveal the result of the Acne One, let’ss talk about the Skincare Diet and its connection to this product. Actually, it doesn’t really involve cutting any food like sugar, gluten, or dairy. The “skincare diet” is basically getting rid of your 10-step skincare routine, and just focusing on two to four steps.

It is all about minimizing the steps in your skin-care routine to decrease irritation. The routine usually is limited to cleanser, moisturizer, and SPF, and all the products are typically free of any harsh active ingredients. In my case, it was down to four steps. Cleanser, Toner, Acne One cream, and SPF for daytime. While at nighttime, oil cleanser > facial cleanser > toner > Acne One Cream. You can read more about the Skincare Diet in this article in Allure.

I wasn’t really planning on cutting down my skincare routine, but because the Acne One contains two powerful acids, I decided to only use what’s necessary. A low pH cleanser, because duh! Then a hydrating toner with Centella Asiatica because of the Acne One can cause drying. And as mentioned above, I am using a non-greasy and comfortable chemical sunscreen every day because both the Mandelic Acid and the Salicylic Acid are both exfoliating ingredients that will make skin vulnerable to the UV rays. Then at night, I double cleanse using an oil cleanser to thoroughly remove that sunblock.

mesoestetic acne one review - formula
The consistency of the Acne One


Back to my Acne One review, I honestly thought I will regret buying it because I have a handful of experience with expensive skincare products before that didn’t work. But I didn’t. I started using this after the skin peeling from the chemical peel treatment was done. Just roughly three days of applying this cream day and night, my cystic acne disappear! And in just a week, all of my acne, even the fungal acne completely disappear. I was amazed at how good it was, it was really worth it. The result reminds me of The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution but faster.

common mistake of people who suffers from acne is they stop using their spot treatment right after the acne disappear.

My dermatologist said, the common mistake of people who suffers from acne is they stop using their spot treatment right after the acne disappear. He told me that I should continue applying it as prescribed even when after the acne flattened and disappear. So I continued using the Acne One, and after two weeks, I noticed that my face is not only free of acne but the dark spots were also lightening.

Vitamin C serums are still a more effective product to reduce dark spots, but I decided to stick to Acne One because it is an anti-bacterial exfoliating cream that prevents acne and sebum. It does everything that a person with oily and acne-prone skin wants. So what’s the catch?

The first time I applied Acne One in my skin, it was so freaking itchy. But the sensation feels so familiar, it was like hundreds of tiny needles were poking my skin. It is exactly the same sensation I feel whenever I have a chemical peel treatment. And just like with chemical peel treatment, my skin also got dry and started peeling just a little. But unlike with those treatments where the sensation lasts up to 15 minutes, the itchiness caused by Acne One only last a minute or two. So in a way, I feel like this is a milder for-home version of the product used in chemical peel treatments. After all, they are from the same laboratory in Spain.

mesoestetic acne one review - result
The before photos were shot by my Samsung Galaxy S7 which reduced my skin’s redness and still kinda smoothen my skin even though I turned off the skin filter. While the after photos were shot by Samsung Galaxy Note 9 which has a better camera than it shows all spots even pores. I did not intentionally use different cameras.

After a week, when my skin is either already used to it or there’s really no acne left, I no longer feel the itchy sensation and my skin looks better. It’s not perfect or glass skin, but I am more confident now to leave the house without any makeup on. Seriously, last weekend, I realized when I already left that I didn’t put anything on my face and I feel just fine. It actually reminds me of the Nacific Fresh Herb Serum, I haven’t tried it myself but a lot of people say it also hurts on your first few uses but it works.


PROS: It is exfoliating, controls sebum, contains an anti-bacterial ingredient that prevents and heal acne. It is also lightweight, and non-greasy.

CONS: It feels itchy on your first few weeks or while you have active acne. It also dries your skin so I highly recommend using a facial cleanser and toner that are both hydrating and moisturizing.

NOTE: Mandelic Acid and Salicylic Acid can cause irritation for people with sensitive skin so YMMV, or better, consult a dermatologist. Also, never forget to use a sunscreen with SPF 50+ during the daytime.


I bought my Mesoestetic Acne One from Flawless Clinic for Php3500. If you want to try it too, you can visit any Flawless Clinic nationwide, doctor consultation is free.

If you live outside of the Philippines, you can purchase this on Amazon for $80. Or visit Mesoestetic official website for more details.

What do you think of this Mesoestetic Acne One review and skincare diet? How many steps are there in your skincare routine? Share it below!

*This product may or may not help you. If the pimple persists, you may need to know the type of pimple you have or better, consult a doctor.