I am not easily swayed by beauty commercials that promises almost the world to us, but Style Korean’s Facebook ad about Natural Pacifica’s flower toner line really got me. The video started with words “Escaping Acne” which I am, desperately. Then the video continued showing a flawless face of a woman and her 2-week progress with the toner. Next thing I know, I’m adding the damn toner in my cart and set a 2-week challenge on myself. But did it live up to my expectations? Did it really help me with my acne in just 2 weeks? Then keep reading my Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner review.

Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner Review

What is it?

Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner is a calming and moisturizing toner with real calendula petals (which are totally natural and harmless), and it is also 91% calendula water. It claims to be preventing harmful external substances from activating by strengthening the skin barrier. Besides calendula, it also contains Allantoin which makes flaky and chapped skin smoother. And Centella extract aka “tiger grass” which the leaves and stems contain Madecassic acid that helps relieve inflammation.

How does it work?

In a nutshell, Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner contains no hazardous ingredients, minimize skin irritation, fresh cleansing, cleanse makeup residue and cleanse residue in the pores. After all, Calendula plant is known as herbal medicine in Asia. It can be drunk as a tea, but for the skin treatment it reduces pain and swelling (inflammation) and to treat poorly healing wounds.

It is thought that the chemicals in calendula help new tissue grow in wounds and decrease swelling in the mouth and throat. (Reference)


APPLICATION: After your regular cleansing routine, shake the bottle, soaked a cotton pad with a toner and gently wipe your face with it. After wiping gently, tap your skin with warm palms to be absorbed deep into your skin. Alternatively, you can use the soak cotton pad as a sheet mask and leave it on for 10 minutes.

SCENT: Despite having real petals, it literally (and I’m using “literally” as its literal term) doesn’t have any scent at all. Which I love because I hate products with strong scents.

PACKAGING: It is packaged in a sturdy and clear hard plastic which ables you to see the beautiful floating petals when you shake it. This one I have has a gold cap but since September 2017, they are now selling Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner with a white cap which I like better cause it looks chicer. I’m not sure if they changed the box as well, but the one I got last August have a simple yellow and white packaging.

RESULTS: I did mention in another product review that using a new product is like a first date, you know in the first few seconds if you like it or not. Then you’ll continue to test it for a week to see if there will be any issues. And just like a successful first date, this product met my expectations. After the first week of use, there are already noticeable improvements. My dark spots lessen and my skin got brighter. And on my second week, well, I did not really get a totally flawless face but the redness is gone, and I break out less. Overall, I feel like if I continue this routine and hopefully not encounter a new product that will irritate my skin (beauty blogger problems), I could really achieve the smoother skin I want by December. *fingers crossed*

Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner Review - progress results collage
No filter, no makeup, same camera, same lighting condition, and yes, my lips were swollen in the second photo.


PROS: It’s a toner that also cleanses and moisturizes your skin, it’s for all skin types, it’s pretty and affordable.

CONS: I’m on my 5th week now and I still haven’t encountered a problem.

Will I buy it again? Absolutely yes! This is basically like a prettier and affordable alternative to Son & Park Beauty Water, but better because it helps me with my acne. If your major problem is dry skin, not acne, I suggest the Natural Pacific Real Rose Floral Toner.

Where to buy?

You can buy Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner in Style Korean for $18.  They ship internationally and you can get free samples for every purchase. They also offer free shipping, but the limit depends in each country.

If you live in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, or Thailand, you can also buy this energy toner in Althea for Php660. They also offer free shipping on a certain amount of orders. It’s Php999 in the Philippines.

What do you think of the Natural Pacific Real Calendula Energy Toner review? Will you try the 2-week clear skin challenge?