Five ways to look more classy and elegant on the go

The fashion industry has changed dramatically in the past few years. We have gone from graphic tees and neons to more subtle and neutral clothing. All in the name of looking elegant and classy. The biggest misconception about a classy look is that it has to be expensive. The truth is, how you style things makes the difference similar to day and night.

If you need direction towards a more sophisticated style, look no further. We have prepared a list of ways for you to achieve just that.

1) Find the right fit for yourself

Your clothes should always enhance and compliment your figure. Different pieces are flattering on different body types. Women also feel more confident wearing certain styles of dresses according to their shape.

There is no such thing as the correct clothing type for petite, curvy, and plus-sized women. You are not bound to wear just one kind of clothes based on societal expectations. However, ensure that whatever you put on flatters you and is comfortable. You might have to experiment with your style before deciding what fits you best.



2) Play with different clothing pieces

How an item looks on you depends on how you style it. There is nothing more sophisticated than a well-thought-of outfit that is harmonious overall. Blazers, suits, and dress pants are the real deal currently. Women are dawning them even outside work places.

A bright matching blazer and trousers make the most classy outfit for a fancy brunch with friends. Styling them with vans or converse will dress them down to give a more casual look. Straight trousers like the ones at Robell with a white or contrasting t-shirt will make a great outfit for running errands. It will make you look more confident, comfy, and in your element.

Long skirts, especially silk, give a royal feel. They are also versatile because you can wear them to a party with a simple button-up shirt and heels. You can also mix things up with a t-shirt with converse or flats for an easy breezy look.

3) Find the right colors for yourself

You will be surprised to know the role colors play in your look. Color Analysis gives you deeper insights into what shades are harmonious with your skin tone, eye, and hair color. The correct color for you can make you look brighter and more attractive.

Knowing the perfect palate will allow you to only shop for colors that suit you. It will also save you from the trouble of looking too bright or too washed out in gatherings. You can find several videos and tips online to assess on your own. However, hiring a professional will make the process easier for you.

4) Accessorize properly

Finding a balance between too much and too few accessories is difficult. You can elevate your outfit by adding the right jewelry and bag. The good thing about jewelry is that it never goes out of fashion. All women must have a small collection of their favorite pieces. You can start by collecting good quality items that last a lifetime.

Styling jewelry can be tricky. It is unnecessary to wear long earrings and a statement necklace together. Why? Because they will clash with each other and be too much on the eyes. Instead, opt for either long earrings or a gaudy necklace with a plunging neckline. The key here is to strike the perfect balance.

Small but wide hoops look perfect with white tops, whether an office shirt or a casual top. Small studs might be the only accessory you need with a printed dress. Diamonds and pearls are the best choices for an elegant lady.

Rings are risky because it is easy to go overboard with them. It is recommended that you stick to a similar finish. We suggest you pair chunky rings with dainty ones. Also, matching golden and silver pieces together might look distasteful. It is a fact that watches make a woman look more elegant. Medium-sized dials with a timeless design are a wise investment. It is the only accessory you need sometimes.

Smartwatches are also a good option in this era. They have a sleek design and offer bands in different colors, but neutral colors are always the classier option.

Bags are always a hot topic. They are sometimes the most expensive item in a woman’s closet. It is best if you invest in neutral-colored bags. These are easy to style and give a classy look. Bright bags, on the other hand, might only compliment specific outfits and take away all the attention from you.

Choose different styles for different purposes. Carry a tote bag to work that is functional and goes with all your outfits. You can opt for a smaller clutch when attending formal events and dinners. A small shoulder bag is perfect for running errands and going to brunch.

5) Shoes can make or break your look

Shoes might be the first thing people notice about you. So, there is a high chance that all first impressions are based n how good your shoes look. Vibrant shoes look great, but only some fall into the elegant category.

Our initial advice for you is to buy neutral-colored footwear. They are easy to carry while completing daily tasks and running around. Pointy shoes with long heels can elevate everything, so pair them with a white button-down and jeans, and you will look like a boss lady. Moreover, having a few flats in your closet is a must.


It is safe to say that your outfit says a lot about you as an individual. It is the basis of people’s perceptions of you. However, it is not essential to have expensive attire to feel elegant. Even the simplest things that cost nothing look perfect when you carry them confidently. Remember to feel happy in whatever you have on, and you will automatically look classier.