Are There Seasons for Jewellery?

Jewellery is not just a form of wearable fashion. For many, it is a form of expression – and for some, a lifestyle in and of itself. The size of the jewellery industry in the UK is proof itself of jewellery’s hold on people, with over £1.4 billion each year made from jewellery transactions.

But, while jewellery and such fashion items are year-round pursuits, are they impacted at all by the changing of the seasons? Just as summer fashion gives way to autumn and winter fashion, so too does the wearing of jewellery – but how, exactly?

Jewellery and Seasons

It is undeniable that there is a tangible link between the movement of the seasons and the movement of jewellery styles and fashions. The difference between summer and winter is quite plain to see in the most basic of cases, where lightweight t-shirts and gossamer-thin necklace-chains are traded in for thick wool-knit jumpers and thicker pendant chains. 

The festive period alone can inspire new change in jewellery design, as the Christmas holidays inspire bow-related decorations and twinkly adornments besides. However, the difference makes itself further known through subtle changes in certain essential elements. For one, the choice of stone can differ greatly depending on the weather, let alone the wider movement of the stars. 

While astrology might not quite be for everyone, the connection between certain stone and certain times of year is undeniable – and, further to that, unavoidable from a fashion perspective. Birthstones can have strong impacts on seasonal fashion, with bold coloured gems like garnet and amethyst dominating the late winter, and bright lustrous gems like emerald and peridot holding the summer.

Picking for Personal Style

Of course, season is only a small part of a much larger equation when it comes to addressing your style. Personality is a much larger part of the equation, and one which takes in much more than the length of days or the current temperature.

For one, if your hair is particularly long you might want your jewellery to properly suit your hair colour and style. For another, you might have some esoteric ideas about fashion – whether you fancy bootleg corduroy or regal couture. 

Managing Your Collection

Lastly, it is important to understand your options with regard to the jewellery you do own. While seasons and tastes come and go, it is only natural that certain items get more use than others. For the perennially under-worn items of your collection, it is always a possibility to pawn them – in so doing freeing up funds for more suitable items, or simply allowing you to make the decision whether or not you wish to keep them without affecting yourself financially.

If you are the sentimental type, you might be keen to keep hold of every item of jewellery that comes your way. This makes perfect sense, but does not require you to clutter your cabinets with seasonal items that don’t befit your wardrobe. You could instead lend your jewellery out to family and friends, to free up room and retain your investments at the same time.