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Reasons You May Be Experiencing Hair Loss and What You Can Do About It

Are you experiencing hair loss? It’s normal for people to lose about one hundred hairs each day; however, you might notice that your hair is not as full and thick as it used to be. Hair loss is extremely common among both men and women. There are many different reasons you may be losing your hair, and experienced salon professionals, including hair therapists who specialize in hair restoration Westchester County NY may be able to help you manage the loss of hair.

Aging in Women and Men

One common cause of hair loss is age. In women, hormonal changes may lead to an increased rate of hair loss. This may happen naturally during menopause or starting around age 40 or 50. In men, male pattern baldness may occur as a man ages and testosterone levels change. Male baldness typically occurs on top of the head or at the temples. Individual air follicles may also get thinner as you age, making it look like you have less hair. If you notice your hair is visibly thinning at a rapid rate, visit not only a salon professional but a doctor as well. Aging can result in hormonal imbalances that your physician can address.

Your Hair Style May Contribute to Hair Loss

Be aware that overusing hot tools can lead to damaged hair. Salon professionals sometimes refer to heat-damaged hair as “bubble hair” because hot tools break hydrogen bonds in hair, stripping it of its natural proteins and oils. This results in pockets of air along the strand. These pockets weaken hair and change its texture. A tightly pulled hairstyle may also damage hair. If your tightly braided or pulled style causes pain or broken hair around your hairline, you may want to change your style to something more relaxed.

Other Causes of Hair Loss

There are a number of considerations when trying to determine the reason for hair loss in a particular person. Genetics, medical conditions, stress and changes to hormones can all affect one’s hair. In addition, you may notice a gradual or more sudden instance of hair loss. Working with a consultant can help you get to the bottom of the cause and begin a treatment program.

Whether your hair loss is related to aging, your hairstyle or other factors such as stress, you are not alone. Many people suffer from hair loss and a salon professional may be able to help.