Is Waxing out of Fashion or is it Still Popular?

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Hair removal may seem like a relatively new practice but it actually stems from tens of thousands of years ago. The Ancient Egyptians used various methods including shaving, threading, and waxing to remove hair. 30,000 years ago in Ancient Egypt, men shaved head to toe.

Wax was also formulated from honey, sugar, and oil to remove hair back in these times. In the 1960s, waxing started to become more widespread in spas and beauty parlors, and then in the late 80s, Brazilian wax arrived.

The famous J sisters, or Padilha sisters, opened their celebrated New York parlor and soon the famous and the ordinary were flocking for this new hair removal technique. But, as the demand waned, is the Brazilian still in vogue?

Why are some people saying the Brazilian has gone out of style?

Respondents to a study in 2020 were asked about their waxing habits. The results showed that nearly 6.4 million people in the states waxed at least 4 times in the prior 6 months of that year.

So, why are some reports stating that waxing, and the Brazilian going out of style? Well, one reason is the pandemic. When social distancing was introduced and non-essential services were forced into lockdown, many people were unable to continue with regular beauty treatments.

Social distancing and lockdowns

The preference for many individuals would be to visit a professional parlor for their wax. But, if a person couldn’t find an Authentic Brazilian Wax parlor during this time they may have used a home treatment instead. This practice for some has carried over into 2022 which means fewer spa and beauty parlor visits. But it doesn’t mean waxing has gone out of style.

The cost of living crisis

Many beauty parlors and spas are facing closure as the cost of living and inflation bite. This doesn’t mean people have stopped waxing though. Once again, some individuals are turning to home kits as an alternative.

Is waxing still popular today?

Some celebrities such as Eva Longoria have been known to espouse the benefits of the Brazilian publicly. And in the country that the J sisters came from, one study proves that the wax treatment is very much in vogue still.

The majority of respondents in one study of Brazilian men and women showed that 64.3% of males and 62.2% of females had a preference for pubic hair removal. One reason why waxing is popular is due to the long-lasting results when compared to shaving. Many people report that waxing lasts from 4 to as much as 6 weeks whereas shaving may only last a few days.

Are there downsides to being waxed?

One reason why the Brazilian and waxing treatments, in general, may seem to be in decline could be due to some reports that hair removal is not always beneficial.

However, there are many advantages to removing hair, especially in certain countries. Anyone living in a hot climate may find that removing hair ends excess sweating. Aside from aesthetics, this may be another reason why waxing is seemingly becoming more popular with male customers now.

Are men using wax treatments now?

If there is any doubt whether 2023 will see a decline in the use of wax, men are stepping forward to say otherwise and many are enjoying couple’s spa visits these days too.

One study showed that 83% of male respondents admitted to some type of manscaping. Salons are also reporting a rise in many looking for a Brazilian. So much so that the phrase ‘manzilian’ has been coined.

Is hair removal going to keep getting more popular?

Waxing is one the better ways to make skin smoother and softer, and it appears that more men are appreciating this look too now. If further proof was needed, the size of the global hair removal wax industry says everything.

Hair removal is a personal choice, and no one should ever feel pressured into doing something they are not comfortable with. That being said, the hair removal industry’s figures show that the popularity for removing facial or body hair is still there.

The world’s hair removal wax industry is predicted to grow to $4.5 billion by 2028. This is a CAGR of 7.9% over the next five years or so.

Laser hair removal is also expected to grow at an astonishing rate. In 2021, the global laser hair removal market was worth around $584 million. By 2031, it is expected to be in the region of $2.51 billion.


While beauty parlor visits may be down, waxing still remains popular. For some, the natural look is perfect, while others prefer to just groom. But for many, the longer-lasting smoothness that waxing brings can’t be beaten.

The statistics show that the hair removal industry including wax treatments continues to grow, and with men now also joining in, it seems the Brazilian, the manzilian, and waxing, in general, is still in fashion as a beauty treatment and will be for some time.