How To Avoid The Inconvenience of Sew-in Weave?

Sewing tightly woven hair tracks onto your natural braided hair is the sew-in weave application technique. This technique can be used to apply for both natural and synthetic hair extensions. When compared to clip-ins and wigs, this procedure gives a more natural appearance. A sew-in weaves hair should last between 2 and 3 months if properly cared for.


A sew-in weave allows your hair to grow naturally with little intervention. This strategy can be used by anyone who wants to start anew or merely chase length. Many ladies who want to add volume and change up their look use sew-in hair extensions. The ultimate goal is for them to appear natural, which means they might be costly.


On the plus side, sew-in virgin human hair extensions are a terrific investment. The most popular are sew-in extensions made of Indian hair. Even a minor error in the installation of virgin human hair extensions can cause significant discomfort, forcing you to remove the hair.


What Are Some of The Common Mistakes Made?


Neglecting your hairline:

Installing weaves with a texture that differs from your natural hair can be quite damaging. It forces you to straighten your curly hair weave frequently in order for them to mix flawlessly. It’s a good idea to moisturize your natural hair on a regular basis. Also, choose hair extensions with a texture that is extremely similar to your actual hair.


Leaving your weaves in for an excessive amount of time:

A good weave should last you at least a year. The installation, on the other hand, should not last more than four months. It can be disastrous if you leave it in for too long. Breaks are necessary for your hair to breathe and rejuvenate, in addition to regular cleansing.


Not washing regularly:

Even though synthetic hair has a lower amount of greasiness than genuine hair, it still needs to be washed. To get rid of any product build-up, repeat this process every two weeks. Make sure the hair behind the weave is totally dry; otherwise, you risk developing scalp infections and unpleasant odors.


Going for low-quality products:

Hair weaves are an excellent long-term investment in your appearance. It is preferable to use real, natural human hair rather than synthetic hair. They will not only last longer, but they will also complement your hair color and texture perfectly. What more do you require to increase your self-esteem?


How Can You Avoid Pain With Sew-in Hair Weaves?

  • Allow your hair to rest

Allow your scalp to rest by removing the weaves every 7 to 8 weeks. Take advantage of these opportunities to condition both your natural hair and your weave to keep its natural sheen and hydration.

  • Regularly wash your weaves

To wash your weave, you don’t have to take it down. Simply divide your weave into four quadrants, pin them together, then untangle each section individually. To remove any product build-up, use diluted shampoo and conditioner. Rinse the products with clean, lukewarm water to complete the cleaning process.

  • Conditioning

Detangle your wig with a wide-tooth comb while the conditioner is still in. Tie the cleaned pieces in a loose braid as you move from one section to the next.

  • If it’s hurting, stop it!

Even though sew-ins should be secure, they should also be comfortable. Don’t leave the salon with a painful scalp simply to keep your hairstyle! Please inform your stylist so that they can loosen it up a little. If any of the tracks break wave hair, keep a thread and needle at home.

  • Hair products that weigh the hair down should be avoided.

Some hair products can cause our natural hair strands to get weighed down. They’re not good for your natural hair, and they’re certainly not good for your human hair wig! A good human hair weave, on the other hand, should not demand frequent product application.

  • Avoid heat

The number one enemy of natural hair is heated. Hair extensions are the same way. Knots and hot water curling methods should be used instead of curling and flat irons. Allow your curls to rest overnight before unraveling them in the morning. Avoid over-manipulation by lightly finger-combing your hair.

  • Moisturize your scalp and the edges of your hair.

Natural oils, such as coconut oil blended with rosemary herb, promote hair growth while conditioning your hair. Apply the oils to your scalp with a spray bottle or a squirt bottle.


Women use hair weaves to add length and volume to their hair while also allowing it to relax. With the popularity of sew-ins, many people are choosing natural human hair. Hair of various origins, colors, and textures can be found in UNice Hair Anniversary. Protecting our scalp and natural hair should be our main responsibility, regardless of the texture and style we choose. This is the secret to growing hair that is strong, abundant, and healthy.