What are some of the most common virgin Mary necklace styles for you to wear?

If you are looking for some new jewelry that will go well with an outfit to wear to church, look no further! Check out these traditional styles to inspire you.

Looking for a virgin Mary necklace? Try one of these three styles!

If you are looking to purchase a virgin Mary necklace for a friend, for yourself, or a loved one, you need to look into the types of virgin Mary necklace styles that would be best for your personality and your lifestyle. Do you like having a traditional gold necklace or would you rather have something with color? Make sure you choose a style that works well for your clothing style and your personality. Do you keep the necklace on all day or do you take it off when you are exercising or going to work?


Answering these questions can help you figure out what type of virgin Mary necklace you want to purchase. If you’re ready to get a piece for yourself, see more options here of the virgin Mary necklace.

Guadalupe virgin Mary necklace

One style that you could choose for a virgin Mary necklace is a Guadalupe gold necklace. The gold necklace could be gold, with a variety of karats depending on how much you want to spend on the necklace. You could choose a Guadalupe necklace with a different type of chain, whether it is a mariner link chain, a Cuban link chain, or a Figaro chain.


Since the style is gold and stylish, you can wear this with any outfit. Furthermore, if you purchase high-quality gold for this necklace style, you can rest assured it will last a very long time.

Virgin Mary pendant necklace

The second style of virgin Mary necklace that you could purchase would be a virgin Mary pendant necklace. Choose a handmade virgin Mary pendant necklace that is small and dainty, such as around 20 mm high and 12mm wide. You can choose a pendant in a variety of materials, such as gold vermeil or sterling silver.


Select a virgin Mary necklace that is made to order, since you can personalize this necklace for anything special for you. Wear this necklace by itself or with other necklaces, such as chokers or dainty necklaces that you can layer. When buying the pendant necklace, choose an adjustable chain that is between 1 inch and 2.5 inches wide.

Cross virgin Mary necklace

The third type of virgin Mary necklace that you should purchase if you want a traditional style would be the cross necklace. You can purchase a necklace that is two in one, since it has a cross along with the virgin Mary pendant. Choose a handmade virgin Mary necklace so you can feel like it is customized especially for you! Select a virgin Mary cross necklace that is either gold or copper, with a pendant height of around 3 centimeters and a pendant width of around 2.5 centimeters.


For those who are shopping around for a virgin Mary necklace, choose between one of these three traditional styles! You can choose between a pendant necklace, cross virgin Mary necklace, and Guadalupe necklace to see which one is best for your personality and style. A beautiful necklace photography will help you make a perfect decision. Wearing a simple and dainty necklace is a great way to spice up an outfit.