Are Make Up Brands Becoming More Vegan?

The beauty industry is turning to Vegan and ditching the traditional test with animals. Almost any beauty products nowadays are claiming their products to be vegan or cruelty-free. But what sets one from another? How do you differentiate skincare that’s vegan, organic, natural, fair trade, or clean? Are popular makeup brands cruelty-free? 

What are the things you should consider when purchasing makeup? What benefits can you get when you are buying vegan products? Why are vegan cosmetics the new trends? Should you switch to vegan makeup? 

How Do You Know If A Beauty product Is Vegan

Vegan-friendly makeup brands are dominating the beauty industry, and it’s spreading awareness for every consumer these days. When we say a beauty product is vegan or vegan-friendly, most, if not all, the components used in manufacturing the products are vegan. 

You may be surprised at how large retail stores like Macy’s and Sephora have massive arrays of makeup selections that are vegan-friendly. Most of these products claim their safety and efficacy. Vegan beauty products claim to be a better choice compared to traditional makeups. 

Vegan means any clothing, food, or beauty products that have no traces of animal ingredients on them. They are known to be delicate on the skin and ideal for sensitive skin types prone to various conditions. 

For most people who have highly sensitive skin, vegan products are best suitable to use. With popular brands slowly turning vegan, including Nivea, people are now more curious about what they buy, especially makeup. Since these products are safer, gentler, and non-toxic, the popularity continues to strike up. 

The growing popularity of vegan makeups continues to change the beauty industry, and more brands turn vegan. With famous ambassadors and celebrities who encourage people to shift and adopt plant-based products and lifestyle, no wonder vegan is the new trend. 

While there are no legal policies with vegan labeled products, the best way to identify whether a makeup brand is vegan is to check the manufacturer’s credentials and check if they have a logo identifying that they are genuinely vegan-friendly. 

The Vegan Society has its logo on all certified products free from animal extracts or any consequences that may have included animal-derived components unto them. 

  • Products don’t contain animal ingredients. 
  • Products are not tested on animals
  • Elements included in the beauty products are not tested on any animals

Aside from the logo mentioned above, you can also check the logo from Leaping Bunny. The first and only recognized symbol that guarantees there is no animal testing done with production or manufacturing, both local and international.

Are Vegan Makeups Better For Your Skin?

Since the skin is also the biggest organ of your body, it’s worth taking special note that to help the skin function properly, you need to provide only the best nutrition best found with vegan products and cosmetics. Since vegan makeup uses natural plant-based ingredients, they are the best types to protect your skin. 

We’ve listed down the known advantages of using vegan cosmetics and skincare: 

  • They are best for sensitive skin

If you have sensitive skin, you’ll most likely benefit the most from vegan cosmetics. With fewer ingredients, vegan skincare and cosmetics avoid skin irritation. 

  • Vegan beauty products use healthier ingredients.

Vegan skincare and cosmetics are known to contain large amounts of vitamins from plant-based components. All-natural components are conveniently easy to absorb by your skin and offer better hydration, ideal for skin aging.

  • They have fewer ingredients.

Vegan beauty products have fewer ingredients than non-vegan skincare and cosmetics, which prevents exposing yourself to various chemicals.

  • It helps you prevent all negative skin issues.

Vegan cosmetics prevent adverse effects on the skin, which usually causes skin conditions due to various ingredients derived from animals. Most of these ingredients can clog your pores, causing acne and other skin problems

  • It’s better for nature

Vegan products are not just great for your skin, but most have eco-friendly packaging, which is best for nature.

  • You help save the lives of millions of animals and prevent animal testing.

By switching to vegan skincare and cosmetics, you are also helping to save millions of animals that are victims of the test. By choosing vegan skincare, you also help prevent any unnecessary death and harm of animals.


Don’t be surprised to see popular brands switch to vegan skincare and cosmetics production as it’s not just a trend, but more and more people are choosing all-natural plant-based products. Besides the benefits you can get with vegan-friendly cosmetics, you will also join the advocacy to save more animals from harm or death. Vegan products are also eco-friendly, which makes it an excellent choice in saving our planet.