Staying Active On A Budget Is Easier Than You Think

Photo by StellrWeb on Unsplash

Credit card and travel expert Sara Rathner once said that the best financial advice she has ever received from a financial planner was, “Don’t skip leg day.” A humorous statement, but the truth behind it is hard to ignore. Health and wealth are interlaced, and health is as much a fiscal responsibility as it is a physical one. Luckily, there are several budget-friendly ways to stay fit and active, which will not only help your physical and mental health but your financial well-being as well.

Utilize The Resources That Are Around You

Staying active on a budget means using the free resources that are around you, such as videos and workout plans available on the Internet. Youtube, Instagram, and TikTok are three popular mediums for free online workout resources. Even if an individual wants to incorporate dumbbells, medicine balls, or bands into these free workouts, they can purchase economical equipment to use at home through platforms like Amazon or eBay.

According to data compiled by mortgage broker Trussle, one way to save money is to create a dual-purpose room in your house. Individuals can do so by making the most of dead space. In this instance, rather than pay for an annual gym membership fee, which includes equipment and utilities you might never use, individuals can save money by using a room in their house for two different purposes. In the morning, it could be a gym, and in the afternoon, it could be their workspace.  Beyond that, they also offer comparison services and tips for those looking to save money on their mortgage.

Meal Prep and Home-Cooked Meals

Meal prepping comes across as a fad that fitness instructors use to grow their audience. However, in actuality, it does have its benefits. Cooking meals at home and then dividing them for the week is a great way to stay active and healthy on a budget. By stocking up your fridge and planning what you’re going to eat throughout the week, you will be less tempted to order a takeout meal. Cooking enough so that you have leftovers is another excellent way to stay healthy while on a budget. 

Shift Your Mindset

Changing your mindset is one of the easiest ways to stay active while on a budget. Social media tells us to indulge in things that we do not need, leading to lifestyle inflation. For example, it could be the latest Starbucks TikTok trend or your favorite celebrities releasing a fitness apparel line. We might feel pressured to give in, but once you realize that you do not always need these things and that your old shirt is good enough to work out in, you will be physically better off, as will your financial well-being. 

Health can affect our financial well-being in several ways. For example, injury or illness can result in lost income or unexpected medical bills. Other times, it is not as extreme, and it is just about improving your mobility and strength in ways that help you and your financial prospects, such as by meal-prepping and utilizing free workout resources from your house.