What is Collagen & Should You Apply or Eat It?

mosbeau placenta collagen jelly food supplement

I already found a good collagen drink that helped to vanish my acne scars, but I’m not really into collecting small bottles. I’m not comfortable just disposing them in a bin. So I looked for other options were I’ll have less trash. But I didn’t have to look further because the same brand that provided the good collagen I’ve been drinking also comes in jelly! Yeah, a jelly that resembles our childhood snacks that are often included in our lunch boxes or something we like to eat when chilled during hot summer days. But before I start my Mosbeau Placenta Collagen Jelly Food Supplement review, I would like to talk about collagen for the first since I started blogging about beauty supplements.

as we age, our bodies naturally produce less and less of collagen, about 1% less each year.


It is the most common protein in the human body, collagen is the glue that holds your body together. When we age, our bodies lose the ability to effectively produce collagen, which results in the wrinkles you see on your face. Our bodies consist of about 25-35% collagen, and our skin is 70% collagen. It’s the thing that gives your skin its elasticity, your hair’s strength, your bones’ density, your joints’ flexibility, and your connective tissues the ability to hold everything in place.

It’s found naturally and exclusively in animal tissue (BTW we’re animals), but as we age, our bodies naturally produce less and less of the stuff (about 1% less each year). That means that skin gets less firm and supple, and skin cell renewal slows way down. Stress, gut health, sun exposure, pollutants, and diet can also impact the body’s ability to make collagen, so constant SPF and a gut-friendly diet go a long way.

What happens on the skin starts from the inside


Collagen can’t be absorbed through the skin — its molecular structure is too big — so topical collagen will sit on the skin and act as a moisturizer. This isn’t a bad thing, but you can get moisture from a lot of other ingredients, so you may want to consider oral hydrolyzed collagen instead, a form of collagen that has smaller, more absorbable molecules.

What happens on the skin starts from the inside, and out, so ingesting collagen benefits your hair, nails, and connective tissues as well as your skin. It provides the whole body with the building blocks it needs to create and repair connective tissues, almost like a collagen kickstart.

I don't see any difference with the result of this Mosbeau Placenta Collagen Jelly Food Supplement and the liquid version. My dark spots left by acne lightens faster than just relying on my skincare routine. Also, I prefer taking this collagen jelly than the liquid because it's more delicious and easier to take.
Taste good
Makes skin look plumper and moisturized.
Reduces the appearance of dark spots.
Claims to prevent wrinkles but I can't prove that yet.
Contains glutathione.
It's pricey and you can't buy it individually, only per box.
mosbeau placenta collagen jelly food supplement review

Mosbeau Placenta Collagen Jelly Food Supplement Review

The Mosbeau Placenta Collagen Jelly Food Supplement combines the potency of Fish Collagen, Japan-patented Marine Placental Protein, Horse Placental Protein, and l-cystine – working together to reduce wrinkles & fine lines, lighten age spots, moisturize the skin, & promote a youthful beauty that stays through the years. It claims to provide intense anti-aging, whitening, & skin cell renewal, and it comes in ready-to-eat jelly sticks perfect for women on the go. It also has low calories and low sugar with a delicious mango flavor.


Horse Placental Protein – Japan’s latest & most popular whitening ingredient. It has an average of 300 times more amino acids than other placental extracts. It’s extremely limited and valuable but highly effective in skin whitening and anti-aging.

Japan-Patented Marine Placental Protein – Sourced from fresh Japanese salmon eggs, it is clinically proven safe and effective for skin whitening, anti-aging, and skin cell renewal. It whitens twice as much compared to glutathione.

Fish Collagen – Consists of small peptide molecules that have superior bioavailability and digestibility compared to other collagen products. It also has a powerful amino acid composition, with a high concentration of glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline. These amino acids have nutria-functional properties supporting health and beauty.

L-Cystine – One of the most advanced anti-aging and skin-whitening ingredients. It aids in erasing dark spots, blemishes, and wrinkles. It prevents the production of free radicals, helps in boosting anti-oxidants, and aids in natural detoxification.

Soy Isoflavones – Improves the appearance of aging skin by diminishing fine lines and wrinkles and moisturizes dry areas while decreasing oiliness in other areas

Hesperidin – Interferes with tyrosinase activity for the effective treatment of age spots and other hyperpigmentation.

Coenzyme Q10 – Plays an active role in fighting the signs of aging by preventing skin sagging that results in wrinkles and fine lines. It also helps reduce the breakdown of collagen and elastin and neutralizes free radicals which cause cell damage and health risks.

Vitamin C – Helps in collagen synthesis to keep the skin healthy. It is a multifunctional ingredient that promotes whitening, anti-aging, skin protection against inflammation and infection, and skin cell revitalizing.

Vitamin E – An antioxidant that protects and repairs your skin by neutralizing the oxidant effect of free radicals

Hyaluronic Acid – It boosts the skin’s moisture, aids in tissue repair, and holds together the skin’s structural components (collagen and elastin) to effectively reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

mosbeau placenta collagen jelly food supplement review - formula


HOW TO USE: Take 1 sachet daily at any time of the day. Best served when chilled and when eaten on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before you eat your meal.

FLAVOR: It only has one flavor which is mango. It tasted and kind of smelled like one mixed with a sweet scent of jelly ace candy.

FORMULA: The Mosbeau Placenta Collagen Jelly Food Supplement indeed has a jelly texture. It’s so soft, you can wiggle it if you want to. Plus, it’s easy to eat.

PACKAGING: It is packaged in a chic geometric box, but each Mosbeau Placenta Collagen Jelly Food Supplement is packaged in a foil wrapper in stick form. Some boxes contain 15 pieces while the other contains 30 pieces.

mosbeau placenta collagen jelly food supplement review - packaging


When it comes to results on my skin, I don’t really see any difference between this jelly version and the liquid version. My skin still looks plump and moisturized compared to last year when I didn’t take any beauty supplements. My dark spots left by acne lightens faster than just relying on my skincare routine. Personally, I prefer taking this collagen jelly to the liquid because it’s more delicious and very easy to consume. Plus, I think this helps to make my hair (on my head only not in other parts) get longer faster than usual. I noticed because I have violet hair so I could track it easily.

Take note, The effects of beauty supplements always depend on your metabolism. Some people see changes in just 7 days, others a month, while most people need at least 2 months to see improvements. So if you feel like it’s not working, you probably need more time.

mosbeau placenta collagen jelly food supplement review - result


You can purchase the Mosbeau Placenta Collagen Jelly Food Supplement in Watsons online and in stores nationwide and on their official Lazada page for Php1450 for 15 pieces and Php2450 for 30 pieces. And you can also buy this on Mosbeau’s official website for the same price.

What do you think of the Mosbeau Placenta Collagen Jelly Food Supplement review? Do you take any beauty supplements? Share it below in the comment section!