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A Complete List of Beauty and Makeup Tips You’ll Wish You Knew Already

We can all agree that the internet is filled with information. Some information can be useful but let’s face it, plenty of the information on the web can be pretty useless. As the internet seems to expand on a daily basis, there is a sea of ‘helpful’ and ‘handy’ tips out there. And not all of them are either helpful or handy. That’s why we decided to come up with this list for you. This is the ultimate guide to all the little tips and tricks that you wish you had seen yesterday already.

After scouring through the plethora of makeup hacks and natural beauty tips, we narrowed it down to the following:

1.   Contouring Tip- Contour Your Nose Like a Pro Using a Fork

Contouring can be challenging, there are so many zones to find in a relatively small area that it can be tricky to know where you are supposed to put what. So, try using a fork to get those zones on your nose perfectly zoned out, and you will be surprised at the results!

2. Magnetic Makeup Palette

Why waste your time trying to get yourself organized? Especially if you are traveling with plenty of makeup or are in a rush. Take a look at this magnetic makeup palette that will save you time and help you to organize all your products. You can find one of these products that will transform your makeup routine here:

3.     Winged Eyeliner Tip- Use Scotch Tape

If you have ever tried to give your eyes the perfect winged eyeliner look, then you know how helpful this tip will be. If you are looking for a perfectly straight line, then using scotch tape will transform your makeup routine. Before you place the tape on the sensitive skin by the eyelid, put the tape on your hand and pull it off. Doing this a couple of times will help to reduce the stickiness.

Once you’ve done that, place the tape where you want the line to be drawn. Then, using the tape as a type of ruler, draw on your eyeliner.

Don’t forget to pull off the tape after you’ve applied the eyeliner.

4.    Matte Lipstick Hack – Use Translucent Powder

This super simple hack will save you money. By applying a small amount of translucent powder on your lipstick, you can transform any lipstick into a matte shade. To do it, hold a tissue over your lips and dust the powder on it. The powder will transfer through the tissue, and you will transform your glossy lipstick to matte in a matter of seconds.

5.    Metallic Lipstick Hack- Use Your Highlighter

So, we already know how to turn your regular lipstick into a matte, now how about turning your lipstick into a metallic one too? Simply mix some of your powdered highlighters with your chosen lipstick, and you have yourself a lipstick that can become metallic with one simple hack!

6.    Coconut Oil Hack for Lashes

Never go to bed without cleaning off your eye makeup. Not only can you wake up looking scary, but sleeping with your makeup on can irritate your eyes and could possibly lead to an infection. Coconut oil can be a natural makeup remover, and it can also help to make your lashes luscious and healthy.

Take a small amount of pure coconut oil (organic and cold pressed is best) and rub it gently onto your eyelids and your eyelashes. Use a cotton pad to rub off the makeup gently. Not only are you avoiding toxic chemicals, but you are giving the sensitive area by your eyes nourishment as well.

7.    Use a Spoon to Avoid Mascara Spots

When you apply mascara over your finished eyeshadow, especially when you’ve got it just right, the last thing you want is the little black spots that come off the tips of your freshly mascaraed-eyelashes. To avoid this, simply take a spoon and hold it behind your lashes as you apply your mascara.

8.    DIY Fan Brush

As the makeup industry gained momentum, so did the amount of different ‘essential’ products. Well, if you don’t have all of the brushes required, don’t worry, we can save you! Simply take your blush brush and use a bobby pin to transform it into a fan brush. Whether you are traveling or simply don’t want to spend the money on a fan brush, this hack will help you.

9.    EyeBrow Hack- Hairspray and a Toothbrush

Who knew that the combination of a toothbrush and hairspray could translate into a handy beauty hack?

Use an old toothbrush to tame your brows. Simply spray a bit of hairspray on the toothbrush and comb through your eyebrows. This will help them to look tame, and you don’t even need to apply makeup.

10.    Eyelash Curler Hack

Why do we use a heated wand for our hair? Yes, that’s right- so that the hair holds the curl for longer. Heat up your eyelash curler with a hairdryer to make your eyelashes hold their curl for longer. But be careful not to heat them up too much. Test the heat of the curler on your wrist before you use it.

11.    Broken Lipstick? Use a Lighter

If you’ve dropped your lipstick and it breaks, don’t worry- we have a solution. You can use a lighter to ‘weld’ the lipstick back together. Simply push the two broken pieces back together and use the heat to allow them to melt together again.

12.    Finding the Perfect Foundation Match

Apply a small amount of foundation to the area just below your jawbone so that you can find your best match. Make sure you don’t just look in one kind of light; instead take a look at it in various different lightings so that you can make sure you find the perfect foundation color.

13.   Grapeseed Oil

If you are looking for a natural moisturizer for your face, then you should give grapeseed oil a chance. This is the perfect replacement for moisturizers, it is all natural and, unlike other oils, does not over-hydrate your skin. Instead, it leaves your skin wonderfully nourished and feeling youthful. For even better results, first, cleanse your face and then apply a few drops onto your skin and use your fingertips to massage the oil into your skin.

Use an organic, cold pressed grapeseed oil. Avoid purchasing cheaper oils unless you are confident that they are quality.

You can also use grapeseed oil as a makeup remover. Simply apply some oil to your eye area and gently wipe away using a cotton pad. This oil is particularly suitable for those who have sensitive skin.

14.   Homemade Toner

Take a handful of fresh basil leaves and crush them up. Alternatively, you could even use three tablespoons of dried basil. Pour a cup of boiling water over the basil leaves and allow it to cool before straining the liquid. Place the infusion into a spray bottle and keep it in a cool place. You can use this as a pick-me-up after cleansing or as a facial refresher in the summer.

15.     Make Your Own Exfoliater

There are many homemade exfoliator recipes out there, and these are a couple of our favorites because of their simplicity:

  • Mix extra virgin olive oil with coarse sea salt.
  • Mix coconut oil with brown sugar and almond oil

16.   Homemade Skin Masks

There are also plenty of homemade skin masks out there for you to make sure your skin gets a natural boost of care. These are a couple of our favorites:

  • Mash avocado with lemon and honey. Apply onto your face as a paste and leave it on for 15 – 20 minutes. Wash off your face and enjoy the luxurious state it leaves your skin in.
  • Make your own skin care treatment mask by mixing oatmeal, water, honey, and a couple of drops of geranium oil. Apply and leave on for approximately 15 minutes before rinsing.

17.    Reduce Puffiness with Teabags

Use a cold Chamomile tea bag to reduce puffiness on your face, especially if your eyes are puffy when you wake up.  While this isn’t exactly a secret and is used by many people, it is definitely worth a mention.

18.    Make Your Own Hair Serum

This tip is perfect for applying to your hair in the summertime. Once you get your hands on this recipe, you will never resort to chemical alternatives again:

  • 50ml jojoba oil
  • 25ml avocado oil
  • 25ml castor oil
  • 5 drops rosemary essential oil
  • 5 drops lavender essential oil

Make sure that you use the purest and highest quality ingredients that you can find. Mix the ingredients into a dispenser bottle and tub a small amount into your hair when you want to give your hair a nourishing boost.

Thanks to thought for this natural recipe.

19.    Hydrate from the Inside Out

Again, this is not a secret; everyone knows that hydration is essential for skin care and beauty. That is precisely why we decided to round up our guide to beauty ‘hacks’ with this one. Drink water, and drink it consistently. Not a galleon once every couple of days, but always in small amounts throughout the day. Do you have any beauty hacks or natural beauty tips that work wonders for you? Let us know in the comments below.