it's my lip crayon review

It’s My Lip Crayon Review

I love matte lipsticks! No matter how many cute lip gloss shades come out in the market, I will still favor matte lipsticks because of a) they last longer than any type of lipsticks; b) they’re amazing when it comes to full coverage, and c) they make my lips look fuller. That’s why when I stumbled upon these “It’s My Lip Crayon” matte lipstick, I didn’t hesitate to try them. Keep scrolling to read It’s My Lip Crayon review….

it's my lip crayon review

What is it?

It’s My Lip Crayon is a matte lipstick by Korean brand It’s My. Yes, that’s the product’s name which I find really cute. They also have other products called It’s My Sun Cream, It’s My Puff, It’s My Perfume Hand Cream and much more. Check out their products in Althea Korea, I’m sure you’ll like their packaging as well.


APPLICATION: It’s My Lip Crayon is not sticky nor oily unlike most lip crayons in the market despite containing a vegetable oil. It’s powdery finish as well, yet it makes your lips soft. Plus, the shades are very vivid. In one swipe, it already covered my lips. But in second swipe –oh my gosh– it’s like I bought an expensive lipstick. One thing I don’t like though is that It’s My Lip Crayon is kinda hard to swipe on your lips, it’s too thick.

it's my lip crayon review

PACKAGING: It’s My Lip Crayon is packaged in a sleek black box designed with a top that indicates its shade. But the actual lip crayon is plain black. I like the simple black design but I wish they put a shade indicator just like the box, so it’s easy to find the shade you want instead of looking at it one by one and reading the label. The packaging actually looks a lot like 3CE Matte Lip Crayon.

it's my lip crayon review

SMELL: It’s My Lip Crayon doesn’t have a distinct smell. It’s unscented but there’s mild smell cream scent but it will not bother you.

RESULTS: Despite being matte, It’s My Lip Crayon doesn’t leave your lips dry, unlike liquid lipsticks. It leaves your lips soft, although it doesn’t last long. But their shades are really vivid and the coverage is really good. Plus, it looks natural on your lips, I don’t know how but you have to use it to see for yourself.

it's my lip crayon review


PROS: The shades are vivid and give good coverage. Leaves your lips soft without drying. And it’s really affordable. It only cost Php240 each or around $5 at the current exchange rate. A great go-to everyday lipstick.

CONS: It doesn’t last that long. Average without eating or drinking is probably five hours. But with drinking and eating, you have to reapply it after.

LEFT: After one swipe with my fingers this happened. Obviously, not smudge-proof // RIGHT: After I rubbed water on it, it turns into a tint like shade

Will I buy it again? It may not last long as a liquid lipstick, but it’s a nice alternative when you’re feeling lazy. Just put it out and swipe on your lips easily, so yes, I’m thinking of buying this again especially that most of my friends are telling me to buy more for them. This was one of the lipsticks I put on my Christmas gift bags for my friends. Plus, it’s the perfect dupe for the 3CE Matte Lip Crayon which is twice expensive.

Where to Buy?

Unfortunately, this product has been discontinued since 2017.