Microneedling Treatment: How to Deal with Acne Scars?

microneedling treatment

Yes, you’re absolutely right – it is natural to wish for a beautiful complexion. Acne scarring, however, and other types of skin concerns forbid us to have a perfect appearance. But you know what? Not anymore. Thanks to a sophisticated microneedling procedure, most of our skin texture problems can be mended. Want to know more, don’t you?

What is skin needling?

It sounds like a surgical thing, but it’s not. In fact, this is a cosmetic procedure everyone can conduct by themselves at home. In order to do this, a microneedling device is required. Dr Pen USA is a well-known manufacturer, for example. This machine is actually quite a smart piece of modern engineering, and it looks like a pen. At the end of it, there is a cartridge filled with tiny and very sharp needles that make microscopic holes in the treatment area, forcing skin cells to work.  Thus, your skin rejuvenation begins.

Professional microneedling devices are much cheaper than laser treatments, and many dermatologists suggest such skin therapy to their patients. It can reduce atrophic acne scars as well as stretch marks, scar tissue and even encourage hair growth factors. Tattoos? Yeah, bad tattoos are also covered :)

Collagen induction therapy

Collagen production is the main goal of Dr Pen Microneedling therapy. Devices can have different depth levels, which means needles can pierce deeper into the skin and stimulate it more efficiently. In addition, you can use a PRP. This is a platelet rich plasma. It is a natural component of blood. When fine needles are rolled over your skin, platelets can be applied. The addition of PRP from your own blood may boost the microneedling effect.

And yes – the deeper you go, the more pain can appear. Also, skin might get redder than usual, which is perfectly normal. Such discomforts are easy to reduce by applying a numbing cream and some extra makeup to cover these TEMPORARY side effects of more intense microneedling therapy.

That’s why it is so important to take advice from your dermatologist or wellness professionals. They will help you decide about the intensity and number of sessions required for your particular skin condition. Many people forget about this. As a result, they end up with an uneven skin tone or a skin irritation that’s beyond any ordinary side effect. The conclusion? Well, everything concerning your healthcare, including cosmetic procedures, must be done wisely. Microneedling techniques are no exception.