Summer Weekend in Houston: 4 Things to See and Do

Houston, the country’s fourth-most populous metropolis, has plenty of people to keep busy. That’s particularly excellent news for visitors—there’s something for everyone among Houston’s greatest things to do. Whether you’re visiting for business, seeking an adventurous day trip or weekend retreat, or planning a family-friendly excursion, Houston has it all for everyone’s taste.  

The city offers world-class cuisine, shopping, art and culture, science, and nightlife, and the greatest news is that you can easily find cheap apartments for rent in Houston while you’re experiencing all of these things. The city is the center of top-tier attractions and events. In short, there are so many things to do in Houston that you might want to stay an additional day or two! No matter what your interests are when traveling, Houston will certainly meet them and you will leave with a smile on your face and many new stories to tell when you get home.

Buffalo Bayou Park

Buffalo Bayou Park, which stretches from Shepherd to Sabine, is one of the top locations in Houston to take in the sights. You’ll find green areas surrounded by trees if you follow the twisting hiking and cycling pathways, kayak boats, enormous dog and skate parks, picnic places, and pavilions ideal for woodsy pastimes and live entertainment.

From the flowering Dandelion Fountain to Monumental Moments, six-foot-four-tall statues positioned along the curved Kinder Footpath, there are plenty of fascinating art pieces that give an additional layer of liveliness to this already thrilling landmark. Whenever in Houston, don’t forget to visit this magnificent park.

Houston Botanic Garden

Wander away in the Houston Botanic Garden, which is home to exotic and native flora like wildflowers, and trees, as well as many different sorts of butterflies, hummingbirds, and other species. The Garden’s 132 acres, encircled by Sims Bayou and originally a public golf course, make it easy to explore and connect with nature’s beauty and majesty.

Global, Culinary, Stormwater Wetlands, and the Coastal Prairie are among the themed gardens of Houston Botanic Garden. Visitors can explore numerous species associated with a certain habitat in each garden, ranging from tropical to continental to medicinal and culinary plants.

It’s hard to imagine the Garden is only a few kilometers from Houston’s bustling downtown and Hobby Airport. The Houston Botanic Garden describes itself as an outdoor gallery inspired by nature, so put on your comfortable shoes and tour this world-class botanic garden that is sure to become a Houston landmark.

Space Center Houston

“Houston” was the first word uttered on the moon, so it’s only natural that the metropolis is home to one of the best space museums on the globe. The new Independence Plaza display, a 747 airliner with a full replica of the spacecraft Independence erected above it, is the actual best part of the show at NASA’s Space Center Houston.

Guests can go inside both planes, out from the flight decks to the astronauts living spaces. Take a Level 9 Tour, which includes behind-the-scenes access to Mission Control at the nearby Johnson Space Center, for individuals who want to learn more about how NASA functions today. Just make sure to book your tickets ahead of time because these tours go to places that aren’t open to the general public and are limited to only 12 people per day.

Houston Chinatown

One of the most enjoyable aspects of visiting Houston is learning about the various cultures that make up the city’s 2.3 million residents. Houston offers a district dominated by wonderful Asian restaurants, fascinating shopping, and engaging cultural activities, similar to other big US cities. This neighborhood, nicknamed “Chinatown,” is not solely influenced by Chinese culture. Vietnamese, Indian, Chinese, Korean, Malaysian, and other cultural influences can be found in this region of Houston. 

Furthermore, these hardworking business owners enjoy sharing their cultures, family recipes, and other information with guests. You can find an Asiatown tour to assist you in navigating the diverse food options and activities available in this fascinating neighborhood. Try out different dishes to explore the culinary cultures of the far east and enjoy the comfortable atmosphere and heartwarming hospitality of the people.

Final thoughts

You want to get on a weekend getaway. There is no better place to go than Houston, Texas. The city has it all, museums, parks, extremely delicious food, and a mix of different cultures that shape the city into what it is. Make sure to make a plan on which locations you would like to visit first in Houston as there are endless beautiful locations that you can’t see in a two-day stay. But don’t worry, the city will guarantee that you will come back again to explore more of it.