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Best Tattoo Designs for Breasts for Women

The breast area is a mesmerising area of any woman’s body, and those curves are alluring enough for a beautiful tattoo. Moreover, chest Tattoos for women today are gaining increasing attention among women as they are not afraid of experimenting with the shape, location, and size of the tattoos. The breast area has become the most preferred tattoo spot for women for getting inked. Read this article till the last, as it provides some of the best breast tattoo designs that can be helpful if you are unsure which chest tattoos for women to finalize for yourself.

Best Designs Ideas for Chest Tattoos for Women


  • Curvy Tattoo Designs Under the Breast



The area beneath a woman’s feast is curvy and is one of the best spots for getting inked. Thus, a design representing a leaf stem is a quirky one and can have an in-depth meaning as well. Besides, this tattoo looks extraordinarily appealing in monochrome, and you can also add some colors to it for a better finish.


  • Sleek Breast Tattoo Design



Are you searching for an elegant and sleek tattoo near your breast area? If yes, you can opt for a combination of thin and dark lines as they do wonders for the wearer; it is a trendy tattoo design and looks great on women of all age groups.


  • Lotus Tattoo Design



A lotus tattoo design is an excellent alternative for breast tattoos for women as it represents the ongoing process of growth of one’s mind and soul. Further, you can also add some dotted lines and curves to the design to give it a modernised appeal. Also, adding colors to this tattoo gives it an attractive look.


  • Side Breast Tattoo Design



This is one of the most cute-looking design ideas for chest tattoos for women. It seems pretty and straightforward on the side of a woman’s breast. Another thing to note is that this tattoo design is suitable for women belonging to all age groups and can be flaunted by women in almost all kinds of clothes.


  • Sensuous Breast Tattoo Design



Getting inked on your cleavage is one of the sexiest things and is more than being erotic. This tattoo design is significantly sensual and charming as it can be efficient in seeking people’s attention.


  • Stars Tattoo Design



Stars are famous among women of all age groups. You can get stars inked on your breasts, as it will be a unique tattoo idea. People from ancient times believed that inking a star tattoo would bring them happiness and luck by lighting up their life with harmony and peace.


  • Quotation Tattoo Designs Under the Breast



Quotations are a strong support pillar when never feeling detrimental and low and can be a pretty charming alternative for breast tattoos. Starting with cute quotations and quotes associated with breast cancer, you can choose a selection that represents your own belief since tattoos are a permanent thing.


  • Quirky Breast Tattoo Ideas



Quirky breast tattoo ideas can be an excellent option for women wanting to get inked on their breast area. For this, you can opt for a dainty yet small tattoo design, such as adding a crescent moon at the bottom along with a few lines or curves at the centre. You can also search for some quirky designs on the web and can finalise your decision.


  • Rose Tattoo Between the Breasts



Rose tattoo designs are a go-to idea for girls, especially in the sternum area. You can also opt for a dark outline to give it more intricate detailing. Several Color options can be selected as per your preference.


  • Inscription Tattoo Design



In case you need to write something, then you can also go for inscribing something on your breasts. Moreover, as it is a very, very private space, you also get to choose your desired audience for viewing your unique tattoos. Thus, getting inked will make you stand ahead of the crowd as it differs from usual tattoos. You have to be sure enough to choose a perfect design before starting with the inking process.


  • Flying Birds Breast Tattoo Design



Flying birds denote freedom, and this is a relevant tattoo that you can get inked near or on your breasts. This design is excellent for women who like to fly like a bird and have freedom. Moreover, if you don’t want a specific bird, you can opt for your style by hiring a talented tattoo professional. It would help if you searched through several websites for several professionals worldwide.


  • Butterfly Tattoo Design for Breast



If you want something attractive but not too clumsy, you can try out a butterfly tattoo design with different colourful ink patterns. This is one of the best tattoo designs for women’s breasts, as it allures everyone as them look extremely pretty. This tattoo design is one of the best-suited tattoo designs for women.


  • Floral Breast Tattoo Designs



Yeh link between floral tattoos and a woman’s beauty is unmeasurable and can be commonly portrayed via the floral elements of the tattoo design. With this tattoo design, you can represent your personality and spirit by selecting your tattoo design type and Color combination. Make sure to choose a design and Color combination that makes your floral tattoo look extraordinarily sexy and unique.



Tips to Consider while getting a Breast Tattoo for Women


Whenever you are deciding to get your breast inked, you, as a woman, need to consider certain things such as:


  • Size of the tattoo
  • The shape of the tattoo
  • The overall proportion of your tattoo design and its Color.
  • Most importantly, considering a design for small chest tattoos for women according to your personality is essential.




This was all about small chest tattoos for women. The number of design ideas mentioned in this article will not only enhance the look of your curves but will also beautify the area. Additionally, you can also modify the designs discussed above according to your design preferences. Let us know if this article has proved to be helpful.