Relationship Dealbreakers: 6 Things That Leave No Room For Negotiations

Most relationships are harmonious in the beginning. You get a feeling as you’ve finally found a soulmate and that things can only move in a positive direction. Unfortunately, the situation can change in a blink of an eye.

If you love someone, you will learn to compromise (of course, the refers to the other side as well), however, just like with anything else you need to set some boundaries that must never be crossed.

Some things can never be permitted, no matter how much you love someone. Today, we will discuss the things that (sadly) often occur in relationships that must never be tolerated. Let’s check them out!

Things You Should Never Tolerate In A Relationship

Not Being Your Partner’s Priority 

The truth is, life can sometimes be hard. A person may be dealing with some things that can completely throw him or her off the track and in that period of time, his/her relationship may suffer.

If that’s something that happens from time to time, then you shouldn’t make a big fuss out of it, however, if you notice that your partner is constantly neglecting you for whatever reason, then you should do something about it.

At times, both men and women tend to completely put the relationship on the back burner without considering the feelings of their partner. They tend to cancel the date at the last minute, or just simply do not want to spend a lot of time with their other half.

That’s an awful feeling that can seriously impact someone’s self-esteem, making them feel like something is wrong with them. So if you’re currently experiencing this, you can either try to somehow resolve this issue or just simply leave.


Abuse in any form, both physical and mental, should not be tolerated for a minute. If that’s something you’ve experienced, then you should immediately contact lawyers for domestic violence to get the necessary protection. Remember, that nobody deserves to be abused in any way.

Sometimes, when we love someone, it can be difficult to immediately notice these signs and to simply get out of that toxic relationship, however, that’s something that must be done if you want to stay safe.

If you have a feeling like there’s no way out, besides contacting a lawyer, you can also rely on your family members and friends as well to provide yourself with some stable support. Besides that, you can always contact FAMSA or TEARS foundation for some useful advice to give you the guidelines that will help you get out of this abusive relationship. 

And just keep in mind, that whatever is the reason behind this horrendous behavior, it’s not your fault, and you shouldn’t put up with it, no matter how much you love that person. 

What Are Other Huge Dealbreakers?

Controlling Behavior 

There are some people who love to control others, what they do, and how they behave. They often think that control will make things right. Some will go to the extent that they will often use manipulation to get what they want.

If you notice this in your relationship, consider it as a huge red flag because if you don’t, your partner will continue to control you and will always want to know where you are and who you’re with at every single moment. That’s not normal!

Makes You Feel Awful If You Are Not In Mood For Sex

Unfortunately, this is something that happens quite a lot, but it’s not reported, therefore, nobody gets convicted. It’s often because people who experience it, do not recognize it as a form of rape, especially if they do not perceive their relationship as violent or abusive. So if your other half practically forces you to have sex, even if you’re not in the mood, remember that it is abusive behavior and leave!


Being in a relationship doesn’t mean that somebody owns you. You can be happy together, and still have your own group of friends, interests, etc. If your partner doesn’t give you enough space to do the things you want and tries to control you, then this behavior can definitely be defined as toxic.

Low Self-Esteem

If you constantly feel like you have to prove yourself to your partner, or that he/she makes you doubt your qualities, then it means that your partner doesn’t value you enough. If he or she does things that make you feel awful, then it means that you are mistreated. 

We all know that love is blind, and people frequently use this sentence when they are trying to justify some actions. Sometimes when people are in love, they tend to be blinded by some things. While you can tolerate some actions to a certain extent, the things that were mentioned here must never be permitted!