How to Install Clip in Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extension is a quick and seamless way to extend your hair length and boost your hair volume. They are incredibly popular because they are convenient to install without necessarily having to go to the hair salon. This is probably the reason a lot of people prefer to buy these types of hair extensions – no special tutorial is needed.

In addition, many girls prefer clip-in hair extensions because they can easily get the color they want without destroying their own hair. Before you buy the clip in extensions, you need to know some details about it, including how to install it on your hair.

Part 1: How to choose the right clip-in extensions?

If you are in the market for real hair extensions, one crucial point you need to consider is the color. It would be really odd to use blonde curls with brown hair. As much as possible, crosscheck the color of the extensions with your natural hair until you find the one that fits perfectly.

The rule of the thumb is to go shopping in the day. Natural light gives you the real color of the extension so you can choose the right option. If for any reason, your hair does not have a single shade, search for extensions with dual-blended or tri-blended colors.

Consider your hair texture

The ultimate aim when deliberating on the best hair extension is to ensure that they blend perfectly with your natural hair. This process includes getting a matching texture. The available types of hair extensions are compatible with different kinds of hair textures.

In most cases, our recommendation is the Brazilian hair extensions because they are compatible with almost all hair textures. If you end up choosing the wrong type of extension for your hair texture, your hair will end up looking messy regardless of the effort you put into styling.

Before buying any extensions,  thoroughly examine them. If your hair is curly, you should not choose straight extensions unless you are trying a different look.  In that situation, you can use the curly hair extensions, and straighten your natural hair with flat irons.

Consider the length and the occasion

When selecting the hair extensions, consider what length to choose.  The length of the hair depends on the texture you choose. Straight hair naturally falls longer because it lies completely flat when measured.  For a natural look, try to stay within four inches of your natural hair length for the most realistic blend.

Part 2: How to install your clip-in hair extensions

This part will require your clip-in set, clips to hold your hair, a rat-tail comb to part your hair, and hairbrush to merge the hair extension with your real hair. You can also use a small elastic rubber band to give your hair a firmer hold. Here’s the step by step procedures for installing clip-in hair extensions:

Divide and Prepare Hair for the Install

Begin the process by using the end of the rat-tail comb to divide a 1-inch part of your hair at the nape of your neck. If your hair is smooth or silky, you can comb small divisions of your hair (where the clips will attach to) backward. You can also use the rubber bands to make little ponytails that will provide the clips a firm ground to attach to. Doing this will stop your clip-ins from moving out of position.

Open up the clips and attach them to the divided segments of the hair. The wefts will be firmly in place when you hear and feel them jam close. To make sure the extension and your hair blend inconspicuously, brush the hair properly after attaching each weft. This will make your hair and extension interlock in a way that is almost undetectable.

Attach Smaller Wefts to the Upper Part of your Hair

We suggest that you attach the smaller wefts in the extension pack to the top and sides of the head, the biggest wefts at the crown, and the average-sized ones at the nape of the neck. Installing the extension this way will ensure your hair appears lengthier and voluminous. Attaching medium and large-sized wefts firmly follow the same procedure as above.

Blend & Style Your Hair

To achieve the best blend attainable, you need to be wary of how you attach the weft. Make sure that you put the clip-ins in areas where your hair is full enough to cover the weft entirely. It is not cool to have wefts sticking out of your hair.

After attaching the hair, ensure you give your hair your usual styling. The hairs available at Pure Allure Hair are 100 percent human virgin hair, therefore it can endure heat and yields to whatever styling you prefer to get a brilliant appearance.

Clip-ins are the easy solution if you want to enhance your hair. With the simple steps highlighted, you should get used to attaching clip-in hair extensions in no time.

Part 3: How To Make Your Hair Extensions Last Longer

Over time, wearing your hair extensions can tangle and appear dull or greasy without the proper maintenance. This happens typically because the extensions are not washed and conditioned properly. Regardless of the type of extensions, you need to learn how to take care of your extensions and increase the time you can wear them. Below are ways to rejuvenate your extensions and your natural hair before reattaching the hair extensions. We suggest you give a period of 24 hours after removal before reinstalling.

Deep Conditioning

After removing the hair extensions, you need to thoroughly clean them using sulfate free shampoo. Employ a conditioner or deep conditioning mask. Some of the most effective conditioners make the hair soft and reduce the appearance of split ends. Search for those type of conditioners in the store.

For deep conditioning, you can apply those conditioners and let it soak overnight on your natural hair and hair extensions. You can even make your own powerful moisturizing conditioner by mixing argan oil with your conditioner using your palms before applying application.


After deep conditioning and clarifying the hair extensions, use a hairbrush to smooth them and place them on an even surface for air-drying. This process prevents the extensions from tangling and matting, which can be distressing. Use a rubber band to tie the extensions after drying and protect them using a plastic bag. This will prevent you from having to separate hair strands the next time you have an appointment with the stylist.

These hair tips also work for other types of hair extensions such as I-tip hair extension or U-tip hair extension.

Final Note

The truth is that the hair extensions you use can make a significant difference in your hair. They help increase the density of your hair and improve the appearance of your hair to help you achieve your desired look. Before using hair extensions, make sure you have chosen the correct extensions. If you are considering getting premium quality, virgin human hair extension, Pure Allure Hair has the quality you desire.  Only consult expert hair stylists when it comes to selecting the best clip-in hair extensions. Pure Allure Hair is a trusted and certified hair supplier. We only offer luxury hair extensions. If you have questions, feel free to let us know in the comment section.