DIY Tasks to Keep Your Home Safer

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Keeping your home safe can sometimes be costly at the best of times. However, there are several DIY tasks that you can do all by yourself to enhance the security in and around your house.

Fit an Alarm System

You can easily fit a smart home security system to help your property feel safer.

Better yet, these systems are available in packages that can be customized to suit your preferences. Most of them consist of the following.

  • Outdoor cameras that record the activity around your home, even in the harder-to-see areas.
  • Smart doorbells that sense motion at your door and send an alert to your phone. They also start recording upon detection of movement. You also set it to automatically record if you’re out
  • Smart locks that can be controlled via your smartphone so you can lock and unlock your doors regardless of location.
  • Motion sensor lighting illuminates your property when movement is sensed.

Fitting a smart alarm system is going to be one of the best things you can do to maximize the safety of your home, so make sure to install one as soon as possible!

Trim Your Garden

Foliage can help to cover up your home, making it less of a target for potential burglars.  However, it also provides a great place for them to hide on your property!

Trim your bushes so you have a full view of your garden, but make sure to keep them tall enough to give yourself some privacy and security from the outside world.

Fit New Locks

If you’ve handed out a number of keys to different people, it’s likely that you’ve forgotten exactly who has access to your home. Fit new locks every so often to ensure unwanted guests can’t enter your home. If you can, install some deadbolts on your external doors to make it harder for people to break them in. Alternatively, you can use vivint camera which is a doorbell camera so you can see immediately who’s on your door.

Keep the Garage Door Locked

The garage is one of the most common entrance points burglars use to gain access to your house. Keep your garage door locked at all times, especially while you’re out. This is particularly important if your garage leads directly into your home.

Use Motion Sensor Lights

A well-lit home is a safer home. An easy and affordable DIY job you can do to make your home more secure and burglar-free is installing motion sensor lights in your garden and driveway. They will be turned on when motion is detected nearby. This can alert you to an intruder and also scare them away at the same time!

Fit a New Smoke Detector

Your smoke detector could make the difference between life and death in the event of a fire. Alongside regularly checking all of your smoke alarms, you should also replace them at least once every decade to ensure they are working as efficiently as possible.