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Makeup Guide for Trip

Chiang Mai is a place for tourists and popular for its cool temperatures it is more cooler than other places, but in Chiang Mai, you can find three different seasons.

If you are a frequent traveler in love with Chiang Mai dishes or crazy about incredible scenarios are given by Finland, then you need these make-up and beauty items.

Dragon Flight is a high-flying and breathtaking tour which is the best place to enjoy the adventures and beauty of this place. where you can experience traveling above the tree, which you have ever experienced in your life. With your makeup, It will also have to be taken care of.

Now you have to take care of what items you carry in your travel bag and you will have to gather it.

  • Running shoes or hiking boots
  •  Makeup Kit
  •  A hat which protects your head from sunshine.
  •  Camera for capturing the amazing experience.
  •  Small backpacks for carrying snacks, water, cameras, jackets, and gloves
  •  The weather matching clothes.

Makeup & Beauty products While Travelling in Chiang Mai

Looking good on a trip is very important, you are going to click thousands of pictures and share it in your social sites. So, it is very important to look pretty for you, that does not mean that you need to wear heavy makeup to look good and brilliant.  A simple beauty and lightweight make-up will also look you beautiful and gives you super cool. All you need to know is what products you are packs in your travel bag.

For your Tour you have pack your bag with all accessories what you would use in your trip. We make a list of products which are important to carry.


Beauty is very important for girls; a sunscreen is the first thing you have to pack into your travel bag.  Whatever you are going to any place for a vacation you have to protect your skin from harmful rays of the sun.

BB Cream

A BB Cream can work as same as a foundation if you bring bb cream you don’t have to take the weight of the foundation in your bag. You will also get BB Cream with SPF, so you do not have to carry sunscreen also in your backpacks, it works two in one work.


If you have spots or patches, it is very important to use the concealer. you will not bring a big pack of concealer with you, you will bring a small bottle of concealer with you.


Moving a compact powder, while traveling, is quite challenging because there is more chance of breakdown.  In such cases, choosing the option of loose powder is recommended.


If you are using travel, the waterproof eyeliner becomes extremely important.  If you do not take time for a touch-up, then it will also help.


To complete the makeup of your eyes, it is very important to use mascara.  Even if you are not wearing eye shadow, even mascara will make your eyes more attractive.

 Lip Balm

Whether you are traveling in a dry weather country or not, it is very important to take a lip balm.

Facial Cleanser

Last, but not least, a good facial cleanser can help you to maintain good skin health during your visit.  Moving an effective facial cleanser before going to bed can help to remove the marks of make-up. Staying beautiful and looking fresh is very important for women, makeup is a quick and temporary solution to that end, for long-term effect on how to keep your skin looking fresh and healthy you must use moisturizer, eat balanced food, have a good sleep,  drink good quantity of fresh water and try to reduce stress.