skin care routine

The no-BS guide to building your perfect skin care routine

Like it or not, great skin is not simply a matter of DNA. It’s also your daily habits that impact what you see in the mirror. So, here’s the no-BS guide to building your perfect skincare routine to get the flawless and glowing skin you’ve always wanted. 

Whether you prefer a more relaxed approach when it comes to your beauty routine or you try any kind of skincare and makeup tip your friends share with you, one thing remains universal: we all want to get our hands on the very best practices for having healthy and radiant skin. 

Most of us have the basics covered, including drinking enough water, washing our faces before going to bed, and doing our best to keep any toxic product that might frustrate our pores away. But what do you do when that’s not enough to keep your skin glowing? You build a more consistent skincare routine. 

Now, we know that it’s not always easy to figure out the perfect skincare routine that’s going to work best for you. So, we’ve made a no-BS guide to help guide you to glowing skin ASAP. 

Figure out your current skin type

There’s no such thing as one-size-fits-all when it comes to the perfect skincare routine. 

Like it or not, the “magic” face cream that your best friend says it has done miracles to her skin won’t necessarily work for you. And, one of the reasons why this is happening is most likely because you and your friend don’t have the same skin type. 

So, the right skincare routine starts with figuring out what your skin type is, and don’t expect a miracle to happen overnight. Once you know this, you’ll also know how to take care of it. 

Now, here’s the tricky part here. Don’t just assume that you know everything about your skin type because, as we grow older, our skin type modifies. For example, when you were younger, you may have struggled with breakouts and an oily T-zone. And, obviously, ever since you have used products for combination skin. But, a few years later, you notice that the same routine no longer works and gives the same results. That’s because your skin type has modified and you need to figure out what it needs the most right now. 

Once you figure out what specific problems you must address in your skincare routine, you’ll start noticing an instant difference. 

Cleanse, tone, moisturize

Daily cleaning is the secret to healthy skin. If you want to keep your skin radiant, don’t forget about your morning and evening use of a good-quality cleanser. 

Now, the real secret here is also using the right cleanser for your skin and, even more importantly, the right texture for your skin type, be it milk, cream, a balm, or a facial wash. You can read more on skin care review websites to find the right products for your skin type. 

Next, we highly recommend you follow up with a toner to remove any impurities left on your skin after cleansing. The good news here is that you don’t have to struggle that much to find the toner suitable for your skin type. Most toners are water-based products that are usually made with particular active ingredients, such as plant extracts and essential oils. They are tailored to cater to a variety of skin types. 

Next up, you need to moisturize that skin. And, let us tell you a secret: you’re never too young to need moisturizer, and your skin is never too oily not to need moisturizer. It’s all about adequately hydrating your face to keep it glowing and healthy. 

Massage in your moisturizer

As important as using a moisturizer on your daily skincare routine is knowing how to apply it correctly. No, simply spreading your moisturizing on your skin is not acceptable anymore! If you want to maximize the effect of your moisturizer, you need to apply it correctly. 

So, how do you apply moisturizer the right way? By massaging it on your skin with circular motions. Massaging your skin with moisturizer every day will help reduce puffiness, boost circulation, and energize your skin. 

Wear sunscreen

If there’s one thing we really hope you’ll get from this article, that’s the importance of wearing SPF. You can refuse to use a moisturizer if you really hate the oily feeling on your skin, but never go out of the house ever again without applying sunscreen on. Over time, sun exposure will start showing on your skin, and you won’t even notice it until it’s too late or too difficult to reverse its effects. Sun exposure leads to facial brown spots and skin discolorations. But sunscreen can help you prevent these signs before they make your skin lose its glow.

And, if we didn’t convince you about the importance of wearing SPF yet, sunscreen also slows down the development of wrinkled and prematurely aged skin. Basically, you get a small portion of the fountain of youth in a small sunscreen bottle. 

Take off your makeup at night

We all get it- that moment when you come back home after a long night out or extra hours at the office, and you can wait to get in bed and sleep. The last thing in your mind is to take off your makeup, right? Well, we get it, but we don’t agree with this practice. No matter how tired or sleepy you are, you should never go to sleep without removing your makeup from your face, especially if you’ve used foundation. 

Your pores need to breathe during the night, and with all that makeup on your face, that’s impossible for them to do. So, take it off! Both your pillow and your pores will thank you for it. 

Also, avoid using face wipes to remove your makeup or clean your face. The chemical-drenched cloths are the enemy for your face because they can be really irritating for the skin. If you use face wipes to take off your makeup, at least wash your face with your cleanser afterward before going to sleep.