A Guide to Hada Labo Lotions

Hada Labo is a cult-fave Japanese drugstore brand. Unfortunately, if you don’t read Japanese, choosing the right one for you can be confusing especially that there are 2-4 versions of each product and that doesn’t include the emulsion versions! Also because there is misinformation circulating online, each retailer from different countries provide different names, some have minor translation issues and the Hada Labo’s US website is outdated. Luckily, Reddit user u/xPawreen created a Hada Labo lotions guide infographic, posted below.

Take note, HA refers to Hyaluronic Acid which is Hada Labo’s main ingredient. Also, this guide is based on Hada Labo Japan and the products they are currently selling. It may not align with HL Singapore, HL Malaysia, HL Thailand, HL Vietnam, HL China, HL Taiwan, or HL Indonesia. These HL branches may have other product lines like the AHA+BHA line, the Kouji line, the Blemish & Oil Control line, the Pro Anti Aging line, the Advanced Nourish line, the Perfect White line, the Perfect White Supreme line, etc.

hada labo lotions guide
Infographic by u/xPawreen

If you’re curious about the Gokujyun line, I have a couple of reviews here. You can also purchase them in Yes Style, but if you live in the Philippines, you can buy them in the stores listed here.

I hope you find this Hada Labo lotions guide infographic helpful. Which one are you going to try? Share it below!