8 Best Hair Styles for Men

The best way to look attractive is the way you style your hair or get your haircut. If you have had the same haircut for some time then you should try something new. Besides, black men have their forms of styling and haircuts and they keep doing something new with their hair. 

Black men are more confident to try something new constantly and are also able to take it well in their life. You can try style from parlours or professional stylists or even just by yourself if you are good at style.

Maintaining the style is important to prevent hair from deteriorating. Thin hair is very common among men because not all men have thick and dense hair. So many times, men with thin hair may think they have little to do with their hair or they do not have many options to try the style. This thinking may not be true. Here are some styles that every man should try.

1. Short dark cropped curls

Many men are usually born with curly hair. So, if you have slightly curly hair on the crown area, it is short to keep a style by levelling the length. This style suits casual as well as formal occasions. It suits the long face. One can easily get this cut. Therefore, for a lot of people who might not be able to afford the best, this is something that goes on with these men because it gives a nice clean look.

2. Short haircut with a spiked 

Pointed cuffs are a great option for those who have thinning hair and if you have thin hair then you can also choose this option. When you make your hair shorter under this option, a trick for you is that you can also get the ends bleached.In such a way that the roots of black colour make the hair appear thick which makes the hair appear thick. This cut suits every man’s face.

3. Bush hairstyles for men

Since many men usually have curly hair, if you have dark long curly hair you can only trim it to level up and style the curls with longer lengths. If you do not have natural curls, seek help from a stylist who can cut hair with curls with a new style. This style is classic though but does not run formally well. Therefore, it is a complete casual lifestyle.

4. Bald cropped look

You can try this cropped bald look for a scorching summer and yet stylish look. This is a change from your regular haircut and is also comfortable. To walk with this style, you need confidence. Attitude and comfort are elements of this style. Although there is nothing to do with a style, a bald look is a style in itself. If you are comfortable then you can try this.

5. Medium short hair cut

If your hair has normal density but has started to fall out again, you can try a medium-short haircut. Points are at the cut end, styled slightly from the forehead to the side. Another option that you can consider is to adopt a buzz cut. You will need a stylist for this. Besides, you can consider applying hair cream so that styling is applied. 

6. Thick tight curls

If you have natural short curly hair, then you can go for this tight curl which looks very cool. It is a perfect party style. For those who are fond of style but do not have natural curls, one can also get curls from a stylist. This curl cut suits every type of face and gives a fresh look to men.

7. Medium-thick braid

If you have medium length hair, braids are very common. Braids have always been a part of fashion and you can try different braids such as normal braids, twisted brads. You can try this braided look with every section of hair made in braids. They can either hang loosely or can also be placed over the throat. This style favours both men with long and short faces. If you have medium hair and you decide to leave the braids hanging down your neck, the style is perfect. It is common in all types of men. This style may be best suited for winter or pleasant weather, but it may not be a good idea for summer.

8. Clean beautiful hairstyle with one side partition 

This type of hair cut suits those who have a thin face and who also have thin hair. The advantage of this haircut is that it expresses the person’s cheekbones and strong jawline. This style gives a masculine look as well as a formal look.


These are all such hairstyles that will give you a professional look. Also, with some changes, you can carry this look in Casual Day or Party too.