Dua Lipa’s Beauty Secrets

Source: Instagram @dualipa

The 24-year old pop sensation singer, Dua Lipa, has swooned the world with her magical voice and vivid personality. Be it for her iconic dance, or her sensational voice, she has been giving her best in each field. Lipa is also in the news for her relationship with her singer boyfriend, Anwar Hadid.

The internet sensation is blessed with one of the best skins among the Hollywood celebrities list. Dua has got the perfect brows, the perfect face shape, and the list goes endless. Her skin is as flawless as her voice. You may have seen her concerts, they are perfectly pulled, and one can see her hard work right through them. She puts the same amount of work into her beauty regime, after all, it’s her skin that we are talking about. She undoubtedly has one of the best makeup and fashion sense in Hollywood.

You may be curious about what she uses in the daily beauty skincare that gives her this flawless glow. Look no further! Because we have compiled her best beauty secrets into a single article, right on your laptop screens.

So without further ado, let’s get started!

10 beauty secrets of Dua Lipa

Here is a list of ten beauty secrets that Dua Lipa swears by:

She stays makeup-free as much as possible!

With all the work and flights she has to onboard, the singer tries to remain as much as possible makeup-free. It just gives her skin time to breathe and stay natural. While most of her time is occupied with work, she tries to dedicate at least fifteen minutes of her daily time to her skin. The singer focuses on using products that are light and suit her dry skin.

She has a proper skincare routine

The singer follows a proper skincare routine, with lots of serums, facial oils, mists, eye creams, and moisturizers. She has been using these products for a very long period. The singer tries to keep her face moisturized and protected by the sun.

She tries and tests out many products before finalizing them. As she has dry skin, she needs to be extra careful with her skincare routine.

She does not step out without SPF

The most important piece of advice given by dermatologists is to apply sunscreen always. It helps you to keep your skin young, and also protects you against the harmful rays of the sun.

The SPF protects her skin and helps it by not drying it out because of the sunlight.

She uses multiple serums in her beauty regime

The singer uses different serums in her morning and nighttime skincare routine. She uses a variety of serums to suit her different needs for her different skin problems.

She likes to apply niacinamide serum followed by her moisturizer.

She removes makeup before sleeping

Removing makeup has been the most significant part of her daily skincare routine. As she has to do makeup almost every day, she makes sure that she removes the makeup every day properly with a good oil-based cleanser. She invests properly in her skincare products and takes proper care of her skin.

It helps the pores of her skin to be clean and makeup-free. It also increases the better absorption of the beauty products that she applies in her nighttime skincare regime.

She likes to go with her natural brows

She is blessed with naturally thick brows. A gift that she inherited from her father’s side as she says. Her beauty can be attributed to the genes passed down to her in her family. But she makes sure not to pluck them more often and keeps them as natural as possible.

 If you also want to get natural brows like her, make sure to not pluck them very hard. Keep them as natural as possible.

She is a fan of facial treatments!

The renowned singer is a fan of facial treatments. She visits facialists in London whenever she is in London. The facial treatments help her keep her skin healthy and glowing.

 She is also a fan of micro-needling. She felt a big difference after using micro-needling for her face. It helped her keep her skin glowing, and young for a week. Facial treatments help increase the blood flow on the face making your skin healthy and glowing.

She keeps her skin moisturized!

Moisturization is one of the prominent factors responsible for healthy skin. Moisturization forms a barrier against your skin that protects the skin moisture from going out. It keeps the moisture intact in the skin. Moreover, it also helps in the better absorption of other makeup products that you apply.

She uses cream-based moisturizers as she has dry skin.

She exercises to flush away the toxins!

Exercise can be a major game-changer when it comes to a person’s overall body health. You can also include exercising in your daily routine to get the best results. Dua Lipa’s height and weight are a beautiful result of her constant exercise and workouts.

Want that glow just like Dua Lipa? then put on your gym shoes now and start sweating! It helps increase the blood flow in the body, thereby increasing the oxygen to the different parts of the body. It reduces the free radicals on the skin, helping it to be healthier.

She goes for regular hair trims

To maintain healthy hair locks, one must keep on getting regular hair trims. Hair trims help the hair get back the bounce and give them a new life. Also, it helps to get rid of the damaged hair and split ends, making them healthy and voluminous.

And we all know from our personal experiences that getting a new haircut changes your look by manifolds. It helps the hair to regrow and repair. So if you are trying to add something to your beauty regime, try getting regular trims!

Now you know the reason behind her incomparable style, regular hair trims.

Final Thoughts

Now, we know that you have the correct information for creating your beauty routine. You can customize yours, according to the skin type you possess and the products that suit you the best. Remember, these are her beauty secrets that suit her skin type. You can try incorporating them, but there is no guarantee that they will work for you in the same way they did for her.

But rest assured, now you have a glowy skin beauty regime that will give you perfectly healthy skin for your personalized concerts( where we know you are the star). Even though we cannot guarantee that you will get her skin, you will see a big improvement in the texture of your skin. So go and give this beauty regime a try and share this article with your friends who require a piece of beauty advice.