how to prevent makeup from smudging on face masks

How to Prevent Makeup From Smudging on Face Masks?

Before you start bashing me in the comments section or in Twitter, hear me out first, okay? I know some of you are thinking, what’s the point of wearing makeup when half your face is covered, or it’s not the time to worry about makeup. Well, those are valid opinions but for some, applying makeup gives them a sense of normalcy during these hard times. Actually, I never thought of writing a guide on how to prevent makeup from smudging on face masks until a doctor in an online beauty group asked about it. She got criticized but I’m glad a majority supported her and gave her tips. And surprisingly, there are now a handful of face mask makeup tutorials online.

I have been wearing face masks way before this pandemic, but only when I’m in crowded places like public transportation or Christmas Sale in the malls because I easily contracted diseases in crowded places. My point is, that I know what I’m talking about.

Below are my personal tips on how to prevent makeup from smudging on your face mask, or how to prevent it from staining. But if you’re suffering from acne breakouts from wearing of face mask, you can read this post instead.

1. Use Concealer or Tinted Sunscreen

Ditch your foundation! No matter how long-wearing or waterproof your foundation is, it will smudge and leave an icky stain on your face mask even on the best kn95 mask for sale. Alternatively, you can use tinted moisturizer or sunscreen since they’re light and less pigmented than foundations. Personally, I prefer applying concealer on problematic areas like dark spots and dark undereyes. A BB cream will work too but it depends on the formula.

2. Focus on your eyes

Since half my face is covered, I focus on my eyes instead. As we say in the Philippines, kilay is life! Which means “eyebrows is life” in English. Use an eyeshadow, curl your lashes, whatever makes you feel good, go for it! The sephora birthday gift 2020 have a lot of eye makeup freebies. My go-to look is the cat eyeliner, the pointier, the better.

how to prevent makeup from smudging on face masks

3. Blotting Papers is your best friend

Before you finish your look, make sure to blot your entire face, especially in the mouth area if you use tinted sunscreen or bb cream. Any anti-oil blotting papers will do, Fenty Beauty, Clean & Clear, whatever.

4. Seal It With Loose Powders

Some people prefer setting sprays, but setting sprays often breaks me out. So I find Loose Powder more effective and much safer on the skin when covered with face masks.

5. Lipstick is Optional

Since your face will be covered, I don’t really recommend using lipsticks. But if you want, I am not stopping you. But take note, even though it’s long-lasting and transfer-proof, it will still stain. I recommend using lip balms instead to prevent your lips from drying.

But most importantly, follow your mood.

how to wear makeup with face mask coronavirus
This was me in Japan last December 2019. I only have sunscreen and cat eyeliner on. I didn’t even bother to brush my hair because it was too early in the morning. I’m not in the mood.

Despite all these tips, I just want to tell you that, do what’s comfortable for you. If you’re not into glamourized eyes, it’s okay. Follow your mood. I actually go out often without makeup even though I don’t have a face mask with me, I only apply my Dr. Jart+ sunscreen and lipstick on. I just put on cat eyeliner when I’m not feeling lazy.

Do you have tips on how to prevent makeup from smudging on face masks or do you have a face mask makeup tutorial? Don’t hesitate to share it below!