Where to Buy Kpop Albums, Lightsticks, and Official Merch in the Philippines?

where to buy kpop album in the philippines
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Kpop is so popular that buying albums are not just enough to show how much we love our idols. We want to buy their official lightsticks and other merchandise too. So if you live you’re wondering where to buy kpop albums in the Philippines and other stuff, then scroll down to see my list.

TRIVIA: History of Lightstick

Did you know that Big Bang is the first-ever group that created their own lightstick? Back in the 90s, fans only use balloons with the color of their favorite band to show their support and presence in concerts and award shows. But the problem with this is that some bands have the same color so it ends up with heated arguments among the fans. Until in the late 2000s, G-Dragon (the leader of Big bang) thought that their fans deserve something special. And so they designed the “Bang Bong” the first-ever lightstick in Kpop and the rest is history.

where to buy kpop lightstick in the philippines
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Where to buy KPop Album in the Philippines?

WEVERSE – This is the store where you can buy the official BTS albums, lightsticks, and other merchandise. And yes, they’re really affiliated with them. You can also buy merch from other artists too like CL, ENHYPEN, TXT, Seventeen, GFRIEND, Henry, and more. They ship to the Philippines via DHL and it cost at least a minimum of $26, and if you add more items to your order the shipping fee increases. But if you have other orders and you want to combine them for a more affordable shipping fee, try my guide here how to order in Weverse and ship it to the Philippines.

ALING NOONA – All stores I mentioned here are based in South Korea, but this one is only based in BF Homes, Paranaque. Yes, in the Philippines. I learned about this shop through Instagram, thanks to one of my followers when I was looking for an RJ Jumbo Doll. This one is more like a personal shopper in Korea than a store. They have on-hand items but most are for pre-orders. So if you’re looking for some kpop albums, lightsticks, or any merch, you can avail of their Personal Shopper Service.

N.CAT – Another shop based in the Philippines, but they’re not just an online shop, they also have some physical stores like their branch in Festival Mall, Alabang. N.Cat is mainly an accessory store that sells trendy Korean fashion accessories to the Philippines but they also have Kpop merch like albums and lightsticks from bands like BTS, BlackPink, Red Velvet, Itzy, TXT, NCT, Izone, Twice, Super Juniors, GOT7, and more. Besides Shopee and select malls, you can also find them in Lazada. And they also host giveaways on their Instagram.

KPOP MERCH – I personally shop from this South Korean-based Shopee seller. This is where I bought my BT21 monitor figures. They sell light sticks, albums, plush dolls, tech accessories, shirts, and other more merch of different idol groups such as BTS, Twice, BlackPink, SEVENTEEN, and more.

COKODIVE – This is probably the most popular website where you can buy almost every merch by K-Pop artists. The best part about this store is that they ship internationally, including the Philippines via DHL or FedEx. Upon writing this post, I’m waiting for my pre-order which will be shipped in December. The only con I found so far is that the prices here are higher than other sellers. While reading reviews in Reddit from other customers, it depends on your country and shipping you choose, but it takes a while for your order to arrive. Sometimes they don’t update. But luckily, in my experience, their customer service replies after 24 hours.

HARUMIO – I discovered this website thanks to Laine of GlowCounsel. This is not actually a store, but more like a personal shopper. They have readily available merch, albums, and lightsticks on their website but you can also custom request, meaning you can ask them to buy you anything available in South Korea. But of course with a service fee. You can learn more about it here. Lastly, they ship to the Philippines via DHL.

SM GLOBAL SHOP – This is the official store of the SM artists such as BoA, EXO, NCT, Super M, Super Juniors, Girl’s Generation, Red Velvet, Shinee, and more. I haven’t shop from them yet because I’m not that into their artists (no hate!). But I know they ship worldwide.

GMARKET GLOBAL – If you’ve met some hardcore fans, they probably bought from this online shop already. Personally, I haven’t tried them yet because I find their website overwhelming. But if all 3 shops above failed, you can try this site.

KPOP TOWN – I haven’t shop in here yet but this was highly recommended by Kpop fans in Reddit.

So far these are the only online shops I know where to buy Kpop albums in the Philippines, including lightsticks and other merch. I know there are sellers in Shopee and Lazada but I haven’t tried any of them yet. And I’m very careful since there are many fake lightsticks and merch being sold these days. But if you have any questions, you can browse or ask the Kpop Help subreddit.

If I find more stores, I will update this list.