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A Guide to Getting Botox in Phuket, Thailand

Phuket welcomes millions of tourists each year. Many of them enjoy the low Botox prices Phuket offers, whether they are on vacation or on a work trip. Botox helps you deal with lines and wrinkles and you can do it for much less in Phuket than back home. This tropical paradise is home to numerous first-class beauty centres and Botox professionals. For Aussies and Kiwis this is the most convenient destination.

Understand the Cost Savings

In Australia and New Zealand, the average per unit price of Botox is AUD $20 and NZD $21 respectively. So a 20-unit session may look like this:

  • Australia: $400
  • New Zealand $440
  • Bangkok: AUD $352 / NZD $380

The number of units needed will depend on the depth of your lines, the target area and skills of the Botox administrator. You may not think it is worth flying out just for Botox. But you should definitely consider getting it done while you are already there, or combine it with a vacation or work visit.

Understand the Reason Behind them

The biggest reason behind the low Botox prices in Phuket is the country’s lower operating costs, as well as the lower cost of materials and labour. Thailand’s lack of bureaucratic red tape that bothers first-world businesses is also a factor.

Moreover, the Botox clinics in Phuket share a healthy competition which further keeps prices in check. The best clinics know the importance of offering top-quality services. Word of mouth is strong in the industry and affects every clinic’s survival and success.

Tips for Selecting the Most Suitable Botox Clinic

Keep the following tips in mind as you are assessing different Botox clinics in Phuket:

  • Confirm the Botox administrators are certified practitioners
  • Ask the clinic about their insurance cover
  • Also enquire about warranties
  • Request a consultation
  • Ask if they have a follow-up service
  • Look at before & after photos
  • Read testimonials from past patients esp. medical tourists
  • Do not get hung up on price – all clinics will be cheaper than your local ones

The best way to go about it is using a medical tourism portal that extensively screens the clinics on their listing. You can benefit from their resources as there is only so much you can do to learn about a foreign clinic. Rest assured that with the right guidance you can choose one of the best clinics for Botox in Phuket.

When people are careless about this process, they increase their chances of ending up at a sub-standard facility. And then medical tourism gets a bad name and people start wondering is Botox safe in Phuket. As long as you pick a reputable clinic, such as Healthy Skin Clinic or Apex Profound Beauty Clinic, you will make the most of Botox’s benefits. Feel free to learn more about the clinics mentioned above. Now you know the low Botox prices Phuket offers do not come with the hidden cost of lower quality. If you need Botox and a visit to Phuket is on the cards, do not miss this opportunity to turn back the clock for less.