Best Tips For Choosing Flat Iron For Thick Curly Hair

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Hair beauty is a woman’s pride, hours are spend shaping and styling to satisfaction. The mirror is the perfect witness. Every lady wishes to impress and look beautiful, thus spending money and time at beauty salons. However, straight can be curly and the other way around. This doesn’t require any beauty specialists.  Just invest in the best flat iron, making your hair curly and beautiful for all seasons. The appliance works for curly hair which can be straightened too. The question is how can one choose the best flat iron? The markets are flooded with all kinds of appliances. Some getting damages within the first year of purchase. That’s not the only fear, some girls have short thick hair while others have long but thick hair. How do they manage? Does the appliance curl thick hair?  The answer is yes, ladies need to choose the best flat iron for thick curly hair wisely for proper results. Here we learn several tips in getting one.

  • The shape of flat iron

The word flat doesn’t give an actual sense of the appliance being totally flat. One has to be careful when buying a flat iron. Check the edges of the tool as it affects is versatility. The plates give the buyer an idea about the hair tool. It might offer better results for straight hair instead of curls.  The edges can be rounded or sharp each with different effects on the hair. Thick straight hair can go for rounded edges to which can accommodate the mass of the hair.

  • The width of the plates

Plates with wide withhold more heat, which is enough to curl thick hair. Keeping the curls intact, for long. The width determines the speed of straightening or curling the hair.  Ladies looking for a flat iron for thick curly hair should go for wider plates to host the heat and help in speed.

  • Plates

Besides the width and shapes or size, flat irons have different plates. Namely Titanium irons which are known to heat quickly. They are more for curly or thick hair but can be used by light and straight hair too.  Ceramic irons they have even heat and are effective too and used for all kinds of hair. Tourmaline for the damages and shaping it up and giving beautiful results. All the plates are having their best quality. Pick on the best according to the thickness and type of the hair.

  • Temperature 

Temperature is determined by the type of hair. Some don’t require too much while others are perfectly fine with the temperature levels.  The speed goes with heat, more heat fast ironing. thick hair might require more heat which can be adjusted as the curls form. The best way to pick a flat iron is by getting adjustable settings on the appliance. Temperature is also a delicate part of some individual’s comfortability.  Quality irons don’t heat unevenly, check on the type and recommendations or the instruction before purchasing the appliance.

  • Price

Price also plays a big role, markets are stack with different flat irons, to suit each buyer. However low can be expensive and miserable. It can also be best and durable, but with a lot of caution by checking the brand the reviews and the above qualities. This being few to mention shopping is much easier when one knows what they are going for. Checking different qualities will determine the years the appliance works. Consult different shops before settling for a particular hair tool.  Pick quality over quantity and also the market history offers a lot of light on the tools. Note I’m your beauty maker not damage tool for that matter.