The Six Useful Tips In Keeping Your Hair Alive

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Our hair is our crown of glory because it significantly impacts how we would look with it. Hair is the first thing we notice in a person; it is why women are responsible for taking good care of their hair to make a good impression.

Some people have no time to pay extra attention to their hair regimen; as a result, their hair gets worst and frizzy. You don’t have to buy expensive shampoo or conditioner or go to an exclusive hair spa to make your hair look great.

You can take care of your hair by washing it every other day with sulphate free shampoo and conditioner and combing it daily–that is a simple process to keep your hair hygienic.

However, you also need to give your hair some therapy so that your hair follicles will secret healthy oil to keep your hair scalp moist. Not only should your hair be kept healthy, your scalp too so that you can avoid itchiness.

Today we are giving you an insight on how to keep your hair healthy without costing you a lot. Sometimes, we get lazy taking care of our hair, especially if we don’t know the primary process. In that case, we make it convenient for you that you can include the process in your daily routine.


Bathe Your Hair Every Other Day

You don’t have to wash your hair daily because if you do, you prevent your scalp from creating its natural oil. It is essential to give your scalp some time to regenerate oil which your hair follicle will benefit from.

The oil that absorbs by the hair follicle will be distributed to your long hair. Bathing your hair every other day—by doing this, it will support the regeneration of oil. Although some wash their hair every once a week, it is not applicable because it will create an awful smell too.

However, it will depend on your hair type because some hair types are challenging to wash, like the coil type. It is why people with this kind of hair clean them weekly.


Stop Using Hair Straighteners On Daily Basis

Straightening and heating your hair every day can damage its strands. It will create spit ends and will make your hair brittle straw-like. The heat of your hair straightener can crack the cuticles of your, which will lead you to cut that damaged hair.

However, your hair also needs heat to grow, but you can use a blow-dryer instead and set it to the lowest-heat option. It may take for while to dry your hair, but it will not cause any damage to your beautiful hair.

Moreover, you can use a hair iron on special occasions, but if you plan to use it daily–it’s a big no.


Make Combing A Habit

Almost all individuals own a comb because a comb is an essential tool to tide up hair. Also, it helps your hair entangled dirts and excess dry hair. Combing your hair also triggers hair growth—although there is no scientific evidence to support it, many people can attest to its usefulness.

Not only does it trigger your hair growth, but it also keeps your hair presentable and neat. There are plenty of comb structures in the market; you can choose the design of comb you prefer that you feel comfortable using.


Use Hair Oil

Some hair has difficulty making natural oil, so if you have a hair type like this, you can use hair oil to keep your hair and scalp moist. Some hair companies produce oil for the hair; some may use organic ingredients, and others use synthetic.

When you buy a hair oil, choose the organic one. Most women prefer organic products to make sure it’s safe to use. Even the ladies who participate in porn like in live webcam sex said that organic hair oil helps them combat hair dryness and frizziness. It is why many individuals choose organic hair products over synthetic ones.


Have Some Hair Therapy

If your hair needs some therapy, you go to the salon. A professional hair therapist will give your hair extra care to restore its health.

They use hair medicine to make your hair bounce back and, at the same time, look shiny. Hence, do it only once a month that way, you won’t prevent your hair from reproducing its oil.

There’s nothing more important than an organic oil that comes from your hair. Even though how many hair oils you used, if you fail to let your hair breathe from treatment— your hair will dry.

Indeed, hair treatments are beneficial, but too much treatment will damage your hair.



Every hair needs proper care, but not all treatments are necessary to keep it alive. Your hair is fragile, and it will break out when exposed to different therapies and medicine, it will break out.

Instead, you can keep your hair alive by washing it every other day, combing, avoiding using straighteners, and doing monthly therapy.

Lastly, you don’t need to use expensive treatments on your hair. Instead, you can perform the primary process, which you can save money at the same time while keeping healthy hair.