HD Makeup – How To Look Camera Ready

The concept of HD makeup is not new, but it has gained quite a hype. So what is it? It is not the use of high-quality products, but the way the whole makeup is applied to make you look good. You can use it as a bridal makeup or even if you are looking to step in front of a camera for some special effects. So, how do you get HD makeup and how can you look camera ready every time you try? Check out the pointers.

Pick The Right Shades

No matter how good you look, the key to applying makeup is being true to your shades. So when you are applying bronzer, it should be only a shade darker than your natural color. As for your eyes, pick out neutral or pastel shades.

When you apply shimmery eye – shadow, light reflects off it, and messes with the natural look. Ideally, you would want your audience to look at your eyes, and not the makeup on it.

While outlining your eyebrows don’t make them too dark or too broad. This will bring more attention to them and make you look aged. You would always want to avoid looking aged, and the key to having HD makeup or looking camera ready is looking as natural as you can.

When you are applying lipstick on your lips, choosing nude shades is a good option. Peach or pale pink can be a good choice based on your skin tone.

Don’t go for too dark lipsticks, as once again they will make you look older, and ruin the fresh look. You can try using a mild gloss but avoid overdoing it.

Try Airbrush Technique

Before applying the foundation, you should try the concealer. This will help you cover up the blemishes, dark circles and the dark spots on your face. You can also use a mattifier to minimize the pores on your face. This will effectively help you remove the tan lines and crow’s feet if you have them.

Next, when you are applying the foundation, try the airbrush technique. In fact, if you are planning to use highlighter or bronzer, you should also use the airbrush makeup to apply that. This would provide you with maximum and smooth coverage. It will also help you to get the fresh look, which is essential to step in front of the camera.

Eyelash Extension

If you don’t have great eyelashes, fret not. You can always use false eyelashes or eyelash extensions while you are creating the perfect look. In order to make it look natural, first apply a layer of mascara to the bottom lashes. Then apply another layer to the top lashes.

Once that is in place, put the lashes on your eyes, and then apply another layer of mascara. The final layer will help the false extensions to blend in, and it will look natural even when you are on camera.

Don’t Ignore Your Neck

When you are applying makeup, the neck should also be included in it. Otherwise, your face will be glowing, and then your neck will look weird. So, make sure you continue the foundation and the concealer right down to your neck and any exposed part.

Since a camera highlights everything, your perfections, along with your imperfections would also be highlighted. In order to avoid this, maintain the same makeup tone throughout. You can use a shimmer or a blender with your body lotion and apply it in the neck and chest area. However, make sure that it is in the same tone as your face. This will help you cover up any specific melanin malfunction in the visible parts of your body.

Avoid Too Much Contouring

Makeup is all about highlighting your best features. However, when you contour using a lot of dark bases, it looks false, especially on a camera. That is why it is important to maintain the bone structure while you are contouring. You cannot make your cheeks appear too hollow, if it is fluffy by nature. So, why don’t you try to highlight it, instead of undermining it and ruining the makeup?

If you are really bent on using contouring, try some blender and blend it with the skin tone. That way, it will look natural and not exaggerated.

Final Words

The rule of looking camera ready is to make sure your makeup is subtle. Yes, you can put on a bit more than normal, but don’t overdo it. At the end of the day makeup should highlight your beauty, not destroy it. Check out https://styleaurora.com for more HD makeup tips.