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Eyelash Hacks For Asian Eyes

As an Asian woman growing up in the States, I discovered very early that many of the beauty products that work so very well for my non-Asian friends didn’t suit me very well. At first, it was an uncomfortable realization to know that the typical beauty brands within reach didn’t suit my beauty needs. 

But it forced me to experiment and learn exactly what works – and doesn’t work – for my unique facial features, mainly my eyes. 

These little tips have transformed my beauty routine since, as everyone knows, if your lashes and brows are on point, there’s very little else you have to do makeup-wise.

So, without further ado, here are some tips to perfect the art of beautifying your lashline.

Chose Eyelash Curlers Wisely

One of the most important tools you’ll ever have at your disposal is a trusty lash curler that can take your stubbornly straight Asian lashes into a beautifully curled fringe.

The only problem is that the majority of drugstore eyelash curlers don’t work so well for Asian eyes, which tend to be less curved and less wide than typical Caucasian eyes. The result? Some of your lashes get curled. Most don’t. And your sensitive eyelid skin is likely to endure pinching. 

Nobody needs that. Which is why when it comes to choosing an eyelash curler, I recommend going for flatter, mini lash curlers like Laura Mercier’s. These allow you to curl your lashes in sections and are generally more pinch-proof than the traditional metal curlers.

Another option, if you’re willing to put in the work to overcome the initial learning curve, is a heated lash curler, which will allow you to get each and every one of your stubborn lashes curled into a long, wide-eyed look.

The Best Lash Treatment for Asians

If you want to be done with lash curlers altogether (who can blame you?), one of the best lash services to enter the beauty realm is the lash lift. It’ll last you at least a month and it is by far the most effective way to curl Asian lashes. Why?

Many of us assume that we don’t have much in the way of eyelashes but that’s simply not true – Asians actually have quite long lashes. The only reason it doesn’t appear so is that the lashes grow straight down instead of swerving up. 

And this is why lash curlers can only take your lashes so far – even the best lash curlers bend lashes from around mid-lash. 

Lash lifts, on the other hand, can curl your lashes from the eye line. And that makes all the difference. Definitely worth it. And if you don’t want the recurring salon expense, there are even DIY lash lift kits you can do right at home.

When Getting Lash Extensions

The very first time I got lash extensions, I trusted that the lash technician knew what she was doing. After all, she had great reviews on Yelp.

An hour or so later, I opened my eyes to discover that my almond-shaped eyes had become overwhelmed with a fringe of Snuffleupagus proportions. And it wasn’t flattering at all. The lashes were simply too long, too curled and way too different from my own lashes to believably belong on my face. 

That’s when I learned that even if a lash technician is great at what she or he does, it’s much better to go a lash technician who is experienced with Asian eyes. And even then, I’d recommend calling ahead, insisting on seeing a portfolio of client work – on Asian clients, of course, and going through the rigamarole of testing and selecting various lash extension lengths and curl levels.

The Final Word on Fake Eyelashes

Lash curlers and mascara are great but some occasions call for falsies. But the same fake eyelashes that would look good on, say, Cher, can be overwhelming on Asian eyes. 

Lucky for us, there are plenty of ways to choose fake lashes that are perfectly fitting and flattering. How so? The obvious choice is to look for fake lashes from Asian brands, from Korea or Japan, instead of the usual ones by Kiss or Ardell. That’s because falsies that hail from East Asia tend to be slightly shorter in length as well as more gently curved so they blend better with our natural lashes. 

Another option is to go for demi lashes instead of a full strip, like with Ardell’s Lash Accents, which allow you to only apply on the outer corner of your eyes so you get a subtle cat-eye effect without overwhelming your eyes. 

And lastly, if you have the patience to be able to pull these off, the most natural way to wear false lashes on Asian eyes is to go for individual lashes. It’s the closest thing you’ll get to giving yourself lash extensions that blend in and complement your natural lash line.

**Written by Lila of beLASHED.org