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How to Make Asian Eyelash Look Longer

Asian lashes can be pretty stubborn when it comes to giving us the length and look, that we want. While you might be struggling with the same thing, there are some tricks to getting those lashes to cooperate. If you’re sick of trying ‘everything’ to get your lashes looking longer, all you need are these tricks!

How to Make Asian Eyelashes Look Longer

So how can you get Asian eyelashes to pack on a bit of length? Check out these tried and tested methods!

Less is More (more or less)

A huge pitfall that we all stumble into is over applying mascara. It’s understandable, but it can actually create too much weight on the tips of your lashes, leading to a straighter lash. Less mascara will keep your lashes light, and able to hold a curl (which creates the illusion of length). See make me up mandy about asian eyelash curlers.

Shape Your Lashes

The curl in your eyelashes adds the look of more length, so it’s important to get comfortable curling your lashes. Finding an eyelash curler that’s an appropriate size and shape can take some experimenting, but generally wider ones work best for Asian eyelashes. When you curl your eyelashes, start by gripping near the base, and working your way up to the tips (you’ll do this in only 2 or 3 steps). Then, simply repeat on the other eye.

The great thing about doing this daily is that, just like you can train your hair, you can train your eyelashes to keep a more curled shape. If you have really stubborn, straight lashes, you can run your blow dryer (on low) over your eyelash curlers before you use them. If you go this route, please ensure you test the heat on the inside of your arm first!

Start Using Product Before Mascara

Many people never consider putting the product on their eyelashes before mascara (because that’s all there is to it, right?) but for Asian eyelashes, it’s especially beneficial to use a serum before starting your routine. That means even before you go to curl your lashes, you should apply an eyelash serum; not only does it help your lashes curl better, but it also prevents damage from your routine (which of course, will take away from your length).

Another product to consider using before mascara? A base or primer. Some of these can make more mess than merits their use, but a good lightweight base can help secure the curl in place before mascara goes on.

Apply Mascara, and Pick the Right One

There are 2 in 1, and 3 in 1, mascara kits aplenty, and if you’ve no idea where to go for which product, this can be a convenient option (bonus points for one that builds length). If you don’t plan to use a multi-product tool, make sure you look for a mascara meant to enhance length. It’s also better to find a waterproof option, so you can have confidence that your cosmetics are staying right where you left them!

It’s also important to note that you should apply your mascara directly after curling your lashes. This helps hold the curl in place before it begins to ‘wilt.’

Don’t Stop With Mascara

If you’ve simply been stopping once the mascara’s on, you should try using a topcoat. A top coat goes on right after your mascara is set, and it’s applied much the same way. It’s a clear solution that helps keep your lashes looking ‘fresh’ and it also adds a bit of shine (which also helps add the illusion of longer lashes). Topcoats can also help throughout the day to soften up lashes that have gotten stuck together, and refresh the overall look of your lashes.

Simple Conclusion

Asian eyelashes can look longer, and gain some curl, as long as you go about achieving it the right way. Remember to keep curling to train your lashes, and don’t overdo it on the mascara when you’re trying to build length. Taking good care of your lashes is another huge takeaway here; if they’re breaking from damage and you’re not using a serum, it’s the real lash length you’re losing. So use these trusted tips to get the lash length you’ve been dreaming of!