fake kylie jenner lip kit

How to Spot a Fake Kylie Jenner Lip Kit? And Where Not to Buy Them

Kylie Jenner Lip Kits are so popular, it literally breaks the internet every time they restock. Seriously, they once broke Google. And apparently, they broke at least one post office as well. It’s madness, but I assure you the hype is not that overrated because the formula is really great. You can read my Lip Kit by Kylie review.

But Kylie Cosmetics is facing another problem: Fake Kylie Lip Kits are now circulating in some online markets and stores around Asia. Honestly, I already knew this will happen. As someone who lives in Asia, fake products are really common especially when a particular item is massively popular.

It is unfortunate that some people do this, and the worst part, there are online sellers who are claiming that their fake Kylie Lip Kits are real and sell it for the original price or more. Some even show in their eBay pages real Kylie Lip Kits, but when they send it to you, you’ll get the fake lip kit. So it’s time to be safe now and know how to spot a fake Kylie Jenner Lip Kit.

fake kylie jenner lip kits
Photo by nviatanaka

How to Spot A Fake Kylie Jenner Lip Kit?

1. A fake Kylie Jenner Lip Kit cost only around $1- $4, but the price of the original Lip Kit cost $29, unless if you buy it from Lip Kit re-sellers then it will cost a little bit more.

2. The box of a real Kylie Jenner Lip Kit has its item’s shade shown on the top and sides of the box, while the name of the shade is written on the top. The lip photo is a bit higher and the fonts are bolder.

The photos above are the real Lip Kit by Kylie

The photos above are the fake Kylie Lip Kits

While some boxes are really trying to copy the original boxes, some fake Kylie Jenner Lip Kits are packaged in slim boxes.

The photos above are fake Lip Kits as well

Take note that all original matte Kylie lip kits are packaged in a rectangular box and come with a lip liner. Only the metallic mattes and glosses are packaged in slim boxes and do not sell with a lip liner. Some fakes are also called “Kylie Lip Cream” instead of Kylie Lip Kit. You can learn more about cosmetics at a cosmetology trade school near you.

3. The box where the lip kits are packaged when the company sends it to you is square. Not rectangular like those shown in the top-left photo. Although the company recently changed the box design (and I’m sure they will change it again in the future) because some are getting stolen, presumably by the couriers, they are always square like this, so far.

real kylie jenner lip kit

4. The Kylie Lip Kit’s bottle has a clear white cap (stopper) on the opening, not a pure white unlike on the photo above. The real Lip Kit’s opening looks like this:

how to spot a fake kylie jenner lip kit

5. I have nothing against on buying from online re-sellers, after all, it’s really hard to buy it on Kylie Cosmetics especially if you live in a country where the restock happens while you’re asleep, or the internet networks in your country really suck. If you choose to buy it from online re-sellers, make sure you trust them. If it is your first time purchasing from them, then ask for the order number and look for their previous customers’ feedback. If you’re from the Philippines, Hong Kong or Macau, you can buy from these trusted re-sellers that I personally know and had a transaction with at least once. They all buy their products directly from Kylie Cosmetics, all of them are US shoppers.

UPDATE JUNE 11, 2016

6. The fake Kylie Lip Kit kinda improved, at least on the packaging. They now come with a black box with a silver “KYLIE” label on the top and inside. And they also have a business card size copy of Kylie’s letter. Look…

fake kylie jenner lip kit

The lip kits showed above are FAKE. In the Philippines, they cost around Php150-500 (roughly US$3-11) and they are called “Singapore Authentic” and does not sell with a lip liner. When you’re going to buy from re-sellers make sure they are made from LA, as labeled on the original Kylie Jenner Lip Kits.

This is what the new Kylie Cosmetic box look like as of June 2016…

orginal kylie jenner lip kit box

The latest box of Kylie Cosmetics is plain black, no design whatsoever on the outside, not even a silver “KYLIE” but the inside has the usual silver KYLIE but now it has white dripping graphics on it. And the website, as always, is typed on the top. The original Kylie Cosmetic box is also bulkier, unlike the fakes that are slim. Lastly, look at the difference on Kylie Jenner’s letter that comes in every order. The original is postcard size, while the fakes are business card size.

original vs fake kylie jenner lipkit

And here’s the actual size of the letter…

kylie jenner lip kit letter

The original Kylie Jenner Lip Kit letters are bigger, like postcard size. And the other side has a lip photo with chrome teeth, just like on the original packaging of the lip kits.

UPDATE JUNE 17, 2016 

Fake Kylie Jenner Lip Kits improved so much since my update just last week. A person I know (who provided these photos) bought a Candy K Lip Kit from a re-seller in Macau for personal use and she discovered it was fake. The re-seller, who shall not be named, claimed they didn’t know their lip kits were fake because they claimed to buy it from Amazon. They refuse to give a refund, instead, they offered to give a discount on the next purchase. But the person I knew refused because she won’t buy another fake lip kit even though it is “discounted”.

(Disclosure: Kylie Cosmetic Hong Kong sells authentic Kylie Lip Kits ordered from KylieCosmetics.com ONLY every restocks and will never ever sell you fake items. They are also committed to informing you how to spot fake Kylie Jenner lip kits.)

fake kylie jenner lip kits

7. Fake Kylie Lip Kits are now sold with lip liners and the same box, but original boxes’ prints are brighter. Look at the fake Candy K, it’s kinda pale.

8.  Lip Liners that are sold with the fake Kylie Lip Kits are bigger and paler shade than the original and has a different cap as well.

fake kylie jenner lip kits

9. Even Kylie fake lip kits have a seal on the bottom like the original lip kits, but they don’t even bother to stick it in the center. Plus, the fonts of the fake Kylie lip kit seals are smaller than the original.

fake kylie jenner lip kits

10. Fake Kylie lip kit’s cap is smaller than the original, and the edges are more solid as well.

So far these are the difference I could gather between the real and the fake Kylie Jenner Lip Kit. I haven’t tried any fake lip kits yet, and I hope I won’t but I’m very sure the formula is different.

UPDATE JUNE 24, 2016

You asked for it so here it is. A comparison of the REAL and FAKE Kylie Lip Kits swatches.

Real Kylie Matte Lip Kits Swatch

orginal kylie lip kit swatches
Photo via @KylieCosmetics Instagram


And this is the fake Kylie Lip Kit Swatch…

fake kylie lip kit swatches

At first look, they look the same but the King K, Reign, Heir, Kourt, Candy, and Mary Jo looks a bit different. While there is no “Like K” at all, but there is “Like: and it’s a gloss, not matte as stated on the fake Kylie lip kit swatch.

The last advice I could give you is…

1) DO NOT BUY IT FROM eBay retailers (unless you already experienced purchasing from them and you completely trust them) because you can never be sure from them. Sometimes they will show a real item on their page, but they will send a fake item instead.

2) NEVER buy from Chinese e-commerce sites as well, like DHgate where I personally found several fake Kylie Jenner Lip Kit unless you’re going to shop for Top Chinese Makeup Brands.

3) If you want to buy from re-sellers, ask for order number if they cannot provide it, don’t bother. Or check their former customers. Also when they say their Kylie Lip Kits are “SG Authentic” then it is surely fake because Kylie Lip Kits are made and manufactured in Los Angeles, California in the USA.

4) If the deal is too good to be true, like the re-sellers are selling it for less than the original price, then it is surely FAKE.

5) If you want to buy fake for the sake of showing that you’re using a Kylie Lip Kit then read this article from Buzzfeed about things scientists found on knockoff cosmetics and it might completely change your mind. If you are desperate for a Kylie Lip Kit but doesn’t want to pay higher on legitimate re-sellers, I recommend buying dupes from ColourPop instead of buying fakes. After all, they’re the same formula *wink, wink*

Don’t get ripped off with fakes. Make sure you buy from a reputable lender and if you can’t afford it right now you can get a quick loan from Badcreditsite.co.uk and you’ll be able to pay it back over a longer period of time.

Hopefully Kylie Cosmetic will do something to make their products harder for counterfeit makers to copy them. This post will have a continuation about the Kylie Cosmetic’s quality control problems.

**All photos are from the girls from Kylie Cosmetic Hong Kong unless otherwise noted.

  1. Wow I can´t believe people are actually selling fake kits, although I must admit they are very expensive. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yikes! Fake Kylie Jenner Lip Kits! I’d rather go for dupes than accidentally buy a fake one. :/


  3. This was seriously helpful, thanks for sharing! Would love to keep in contact if you want to follow each other! x


  4. Ah, unfortunately it was only a matter of time before fakes were made, seeing as how popular the Kylie Kits are – though it’s such a shame, I feel so bad for those who have purchased them! Great point on only purchasing via the Kylie Cosmetics site, I’ll be doing that for sure if I buy any :)

    Gabrielle | A Glass Of Ice | Twitter | Instagram x

  5. I haven’t bought one yet, but it makes sense that a product like this would be counterfeited, especially with Kylie’s (well, everyone in their family) popularity. This is good information though, very helpful!

    Sam | http://mybeautycloud.com

  6. Great tips. As you said, it is sad when these things happen, but when the product is this popular it is no wonder. Great points to look for when buying them. Even though I would only go directly to her site to buy them. That way I am safe. ;)

    March and May

  7. Thanks for this. It’s so important to be a careful shopper. I hate to think of people being duped by charlatans selling fraudulent merchandise.

  8. Do you have any more info about gloss fakes? I bought one recently and I’m not too sure of the authenticity.
    I’d like to sell it as it doesn’t work with my skintone, but don’t really feel right until I know if it’s real or not. =x

  9. Hi! I only have the shade reference for the glosses. But the bottles of Kylie Lip Gloss and Lip Kit are the same. It should have a clear cap stopper as well, instead of solid white. And the wand should be a brush in a real Kylie lip gloss. Hope that helps :)

  10. I was at Festival Mall in Alabang earlier where I saw a booth selling fake makeup. Out of curiosity, I browsed their merch to see if lip kits are being sold as SG authentic. Lo and behold, the vendor offered me a kit for 250php. She provided a tester and when she opened it the product stank like spoiled chocolate milk. She swatched the product on her arm and it looked nasty; the gloss was sticky, leaving a thread-like substance when the applicator is lifted off the skin.

  11. Thank you for sharing you experience. Kylie Lip Kit smells like chocolates and aren’t sticky and glossy at all (unless you bought the Kylie Gloss). It dries around 2 minutes and it will be smudge-proof and matte.

  12. Does somebody know which chemicals that are used in the fake kylie jenner lip kit?

  13. I’m not sure exactly what’s inside a fake Kylie Lip Kit. But most fake Cosmetics have too much lead to make them pigmented. And it’s not good for the health when exposed to too much lead

  14. It was a Dolce K tester so consistency-wise it’s a total fake. I’ll drop by again soon to see if they have more. Maybe I’ll do a whole arm swatch if they have all the colors.

  15. Hi there! So, I have bought 2 lipkits so far from the actual website (kyliecosmetics.com) and about a week ago I bought one from eBay because it was sold out and it’s fake!!! Thanks to you, I compared it to the other two and very hard to spot but definitely fake. The lip liner is longer and a complete different shade… Doesn’t even match the gloss. The liquid lipstick seems to be real… Compared everything like 10 times! But why would they sell me a fake liner with a real lipstick?? I should’ve known… I pay about $38 with s&h for the real thing and payed about $24 for the fake on eBay.

    Just wanted to say thank you for this and never again will I buy cosmetics on eBay again.

  16. That is our problem actually. There’s no serial number on the original kylie lip kit packaging nor bottle :(

  17. excuse me, if allowed i want to share your photos about how to spot a fake kylie jenner lip kit to my online shop and of course with your watermark on it. thank you <3

  18. I managed to get a swatch of a Kourt K kit from another vendor at Festival Mall. There are two of them selling fake kits now. This vendor however, sells her kits for 450php. She swatched a tiny sample on my wrist — I asked her if she could make it a bit bigger but she said no. “It’s pricey. We can’t afford to waste the product,” she explained. Lol. MAC lets me swatch to my heart’s content.

    I asked if I could take a photo of the product, she said no. I asked why, she said it’s not allowed.

    What I have is a photo of the swatch. I wanna send it to you but I don’t know how.

    Here’s my take on the Kourt K swatch:

    ● the lippie dries faster! It dried within a minute
    ● the chocolate scent is still there but it is replaced with a slight plastic scent before the product dries up completely
    ● the lippie and lip liner got a divorce. The lippie has more bluish hue than the liner.

  19. This was such an informative post, lovely! I still haven’t got my hands on these lip kits but I would have surely not noticed if mine was fake without looking closely and knowing all the differences you mentioned xx I was planning on buying from ebay.


  20. While I get that no one wants a fake, one thing I haven’t heard is if there is a comparison in the actual product (not the packaging) Can someone who has both, do that? I’m just curious

  21. Selling Kylie Lip Kit 100% US Authentic. pm me for details.09175810330
    Can provide Order number + tracking number of the shipped package for validation.
    Thank you.
    on hand stocks for 2500 each. free shipping within metro Manila.
    Mary Jo K, Posie K, Candy K available.

  22. I read this article and my cap on the liner shows”authentic” like in the photo but the formula is sticky. Inside of cap where the wand is, doesn’t match either one. There is no scent which is a bummer, has bold font like authentic but is pale in colouring on box. It came with a lip liner which is thicker in width like the fake pic and has a longer color tip on the end of the pencil like the fake. The sticker on bottom is not centred and font on sticker is smaller like fake. Most of the signs point to fake which is a bummer but I wanted to let you know the lid on my liner matches “authentic” but it’s fake. It has to be to be this sticky. What is funny is it looks good. Just doesn’t feel good lol

  23. I read this article and my cap on the liner shows”authentic” like in the photo but the formula is sticky. Inside of cap where the wand is, doesn’t match either one. There is no scent which is a bummer, has bold font like authentic but is pale in colouring on box. It came with a lip liner which is thicker in width like the fake pic and has a longer color tip on the end of the pencil like the fake. The sticker on bottom is not centred and font on sticker is smaller like fake. Most of the signs point to fake which is a bummer but I wanted to let you know the lid on my liner matches “authentic” but it’s fake. It has to be to be this sticky. What is funny is it looks good. Just doesn’t feel good lol
    So, according to the article, mine is fake but with a few authentic touches. Copycat motherfuckers are good! Too bad formula is sticky.

  24. Hi! We don’t have enough information yet regarding the fake mini mattes but as soon as we have, we’ll write a post comparing the fake and original :) stay tuned

  25. I can’t even decide if mine is fake or not, but I’m totally satisfied with it, therefore I don’t care.

    The reason why I don’t buy from the original website is that the shipping is ridiculously expensive, it costs as much as the product itself…

  26. I do have a fake lip kit, got it only for the liner, 1.95$ on ebay, and there are serial numbers etched into the liner. The box looks so friggin real it’s hard to tell the difference, even the sticker on the bottom looks real. The liquid lipstick smells really gross, I will not use it, but I did buy for liner…so yea, serial numbers on the liner’s now…

  27. It depends on the fake, but real kylie lip kit smells like chocolate, while some thinks it’s vanilla. Personally, I think it’s smells like Chocolate Vodka Mudshake :)

  28. Hi, the serial number has no color, it’s engraved right into the pencil, I didn’t notice it at first, but I felt it, then inspected, and it’s very small and you can clearly identify the numbers. 1613 that is the #…

  29. So without any comparison, it will be very difficult to determine whether you have a fake or a real one?

  30. Hi Zel! I visited the site and it looks kinda like the KylieCosmetics.com but there are a a lot of things off. For starter, they still sell the gold edition but Kylie Cosmetics already stopped selling them last September. And their homepage starts with the eye liners, but on KylieCosmetics.com (the actual domain) the homepage starts with the new burgendy Kyshadow pallete. Did you received your orders from them already? Because the site looks very fishy and I will contact Kylie Cosmetics immediately about this. Thank you for sharing.

  31. Hi K! The packaging looks legit. But I’m not sure on some shades. Like on the first link, are all those matte shades? Because the dark shade in the middle is not available in Kylie Cosmetics.

  32. This is ridicules in my opinion I come from a generation it wasn’t about a “NAME” it’s the quality of the product. I purchased fake Kylie Jenner and it looks real in every way and goes on smooth and stays on. I almost feel someone is shipping on the back end her very own product on the black market. If you like a product real or fake what does it matter. I paid $25 for 3 and I couldn’t be happier because they are excellent quality. I put it on in the Am and it was still on that night.

  33. Hi. I wanted to get your opinion on this site, thestylego.com. They have this black friday sale still on going. They slashed 50% off the price for Kylie Lip Kits and they still have the birthday edition. They also have free shipping worldwide. Sounds to good to be true. But they swear it’s authentic.

  34. Hi! I’m not familiar with that site yet. I checked their website and I couldn’t tell if their Kylie Lip Kits are authentic because they’re using photos downloaded from the kylie cosmetics website as well. Maybe try asking in makeup forums :) Sorry I’m not much of a help.

  35. Has anyone bought from beautycase.co.uk ? The have lipkits and anastasia bh but not sure whether to purchase in case thier fake ?

  36. I’ve just received the Birthday Edition Kylie Matte liquid Lipstick Set and the exterior looking the same as the real one with some flaws like scratches on the gold. Seeing the picture follows my dropbox link. (https://www.dropbox.com/sh/w02li5oo68b7nwk/AAAZt5IxsU7LQcH0z2xJLiWUa?dl=0)

    It’s totally different from the fake one that I googled. However It’s shipped from China and the lip texture is a bit sticky.

    Can anyone confirm that it is the fake one?

  37. Hi Aile! The packaging looks spot on, but I’m bothered when you mentioned “the lip texture is a bit sticky”. Kylie Lipsticks, including those in the birthday edition mini mattes have velvet texture. It’s not sticky at all, even during application or after drying.

  38. Hi Bex! I’m not familiar with BeautyCase.co.uk, sorry. But you can try to Google reviews about their site. I visited their site and I couldn’t tell if they sell authentic products because they use photos downloaded from actual online stores of each brands.

  39. Hi Tayler! Unfortunately kylie cosmetics “literally” is a lip gloss shade, not a matte lipstick. If what you got is matte, it’s fake. But I hope it’s a good matte tho, not the sticky one.

  40. so have you figured out if it’s fake? I ordered from this site too and when i emailed them they said its authentic or it could be refunded… I’m scared now hahaha

  41. they are FAKE! &they will never refund your stuffs,
    they will also block your facebook if you comment on their pages about this

  42. You could send photos :) But you ccould also check your lip kit’s texture. If the liquid lipstick is sticky and not velvety matte finish, then it’s fake. Unless you ordered a lip gloss or metallic matte

  43. Hi i just wanna ask coz i bought buy 1 take 1 Kylie Lipstick Mary Jo K at http://www.thestylego.com but when i claimed my parcel at Phil Post office, i only received one pc so sad. And i compared it with my fake one that i bought in Divisoria, it almost different from the box color, to the shade of lipstick, to the fonts of name, the drippings, texture when they applied and scent. The fake is sticky when u applied and even after it becomes dry while mine is not sticky at all. But there’s a thing that i get worried is that the box of Mary Jo K, it said METAL MATTE LIPSTICK but when i looked it on the lipstick its MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICK. So how did it happened?? Mary Jo K is not metal matte lipstick right but when i applied it on my lips, its not sticky at all. Are they just made an error from the box or what??

  44. Heyy. So i just got my mini mattes holiday edition from thestylego.com and like, they dried nicely and was super smooth. Not even sticky. And they stay on really well and but smells like chocolate though. I cant tell anymore if its fake. The parcel came from china. Maybe its grade AAA

  45. If it is from China, it’s probably a grade AAA or “Class A” as we call it in Asia. But it’s good to hear it dries nicely :)

  46. Hi Sze Hui! Authentic Kylie liquid lipstick is a bit drying and smells like a stronger scent of chocolate. I never really notice the lip liner but they are a bit crayon-like. Check it again :)

  47. Hi Lisa, Grade AAA or Class A are both fake. Those are the terms used when a replica has good quality, almost as good as the original. But they’re still knock-offs.

  48. Just now I received my parcel from thestylego.com and I got mary jo K, 22, koko k and kourt k. I didnt expect its gonna be in smaller boxes and I just read just now that the only authentic lipsticks individually being packed are candy k and mary jo k. Obviously its fake. I just waste my P2,500. I could have bought it from a legit reseller here in Phil. May be a little more pricey but at least you are sure its authentic. Learned my lesson. Never buy from an online seller unless you are sure they are legit. Dont get tempted with them too good to be true discounts Haha

  49. I have also placed an order today with them, only realizing now that it might be a fake. Did you get your order yet?

  50. I ordered as well with them like three weeks ago, but I still haven’t get my order… I read on facebook about some costumers whom ordered and never got they lip kits. Now I’m spaming the website in order to get all the information about where’s my package and when is it going to arrive. After 5 messages, they haven’t answered. If I have to leave them a sixth message I’ll go to report them to the police and I’ll try to find a way to get my money back.

  51. The purpose of this post is to help people if they had been duped by resellers. If they should had paid less. And also the potential dangers of counterfeit products. Because some we’re not created in hygienic laboratories :)

  52. Did you guys get your money back? i’ve placed order 2 weeks ago and still haven’t gotten anything. And no reply back. I will be reporting it as fraud.

  53. Hi!Sorry, I don’t know that site. And when I tried to visit it, it won’t load. It only shows “This site can’t be reached” :(

  54. that is interesting…I clicked on it from here and copied and pasted and it worked. Thanks for checking anyways!

  55. Hi,
    I would like to know if this website is real or not because these were free and I only had to download an app from the AppStore (it was a real app that wasn’t verified by Apple) and then it led me to google survey sheet and it told me to choose the lip color I wanted and then I had to enter my home address. I did and now I have to wait for about 5 days… it was free by the way… here is the link: http://kyliecosmetics.tech

  56. Hi Hana, I’m not familiar with that site. Please be careful on giving your details on sites like that as well. That’s probably just a bot/lure that only wants you to download the app so it will appear on the AppStore that they have many downloads. But let me know if you receive the lip kit.

  57. Some of the fakes say koko instead of xoxo on the back. I got one that had a Chinese website for huifei.com really small on the back. Other than that you can’t tell. The formula dries down, is not sticky. Doesn’t smell bad. They’re getting crafty.

  58. H Nasia, yes it is fake because Kylie Cosmetics have “s” in the end, and that domain doesn’t have one. Also, the layout of the site is a bit different from the original. This is the only legit shop KylieCosmetics.com :)

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