If you’re a 90’s kid and obsess with Pokemon way before the Pokemon Go took over our lives, then you know brands collaborating with them will be inevitable. First in the beauty industry is the beloved Korean beauty brand Tony Moly which is known for their cute packaging. But if you’re from the Philippines, you don’t have to travel to Seoul just to catch ’em all because Yes StyleAlthea Philippineswill bring the Tony Moly x Pokemon Collaboration to you! Below are just some products you can buy now.

Tony Moly x Pokemon Hand Cream

tony moly x pokemon hand cream althea philippines coupon code

The Tony Moly x Pokemon Hand Cream cost $5 and it comes with 8 scents that kinda matches their Pokemon characters.

Pikachu: Vanilla
Charmander: Grapefruit
Bulbasaur: Green Tea
Squirtle: Lotus
Jigglypuff: Peach
Togepi: Lemon
Snorlax: Lavender
Eevee: Powder

Tony Moly x Pokemon Facial Wash

tony moly x pokemon facial wash althea philippines coupon code

While the hand creams feature eight characters, the Tony Moly x Pokemon Facial Wash ($10) only features four. If you notice they are the three main Pokemon characters from the Pokemon Go game app plus Pikachu, of course. And each facial wash is designed for different skin types.

Pikachu – Moisture
Bulbasaur – Hydrating
Charmander – Brightening
Squirtle – Pores

Tony Moly x Pokemon Cream Tub


Last but definitely not the least is Tony Moly x Pokemon Cream Tub ($19) for those who like to go au natural. You can use them on your face or on your body, and just like the facial wash above, each cream is also designed for specific skin type.

Pikachu – Honey Moisture
Psyduck – Cheese Firming
Meowth – Butter Nutrition
Squirtle – Water Moisture

Other products:

The rest of the collection such as the Cushion Compact, Nail Polish, Makeup Pouch, Sheet Masks and more are available in Yes Style.