Top 5 Professional Hair Colors to Cover Sprouting Grays

Have you started noticing graying strands on your head? Don’t worry- it is expected that as we age, our hair ages too. Not all gray hair comes with aging, though; some people are genetically predisposed to have gray hair early. While some women embrace graying hair, others are more inclined to find ways to cover them, albeit for a time- until they start showing up again!


If you’re worried about what your job will think about your new hair color- don’t worry. There are plenty of hair colors that will keep you looking classy and young. Ready to find out which ones they are? Well, just keep on reading.


Here are the Top 5  best professional hair colors to cover gray hair.


1) Ash Blonde Color

This shade of blonde offers you the perfect blend of blonde with traces of light gray, hence the ashy appearance; this is a more relaxed type of blonde than other blond colors, making it perfect for a professional look! If you have a lighter skin tone, this one is definitely for you. Whether your hair is naturally blond or you want to achieve this look, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t cover your grays with this stunning color.

2) Go with Champagne Blonde

Are you looking for shiny, classy-looking hair? Look no further. Bubbly champagne blonde is the perfect choice for you to achieve a blend of gold with rosy undertones in your hair. Champagne brown is an excellent cool color, blending well with many skin tones. Try this beautiful hair color for covering gray, retouching, or fun highlights- giving you a more youthful look!

3) Try a Light Brown Hair Color

Some golden brown highlights in your brown hair will give you a whole new look. This is the perfect color for you if you want lighter hair without using eye-popping highlights. This elegant color perfectly blends with all skin types, enhancing a shiny natural- looking beautiful look. Try this luminous color to color your grays and add some shine.

4) Classic Chocolate Brown

Do you want a hair color that’s going to last? Try the chocolate brown for a timeless, professional look. This color will bring you a natural glow that will complement any professional setting. What’s more- this irresistible shade of brown gives your hair both depth and richness. Consider incorporating this color in your routine coloring for complete coverage of grays.


5) Black Tea Hair Color

You can never go wrong with black. Black color is timeless, sexy, and simply never goes out of style. It blends well with literally all skin and eye colors! It is the perfect color to cover your gray hair and feel great about yourself while doing it.


Are graying hairs just cramping your style?

Dealing with gray hairs can be frustrating. But with a variety of beautiful hair colors to cover those grays, there’s no reason why you can’t get back that youthful  look. Try out one of our top 5 best professional hair colors to cover gray and you’re guaranteed to get your groove back.