4 Thai Beauty Brands You Should Know That are Available in the Philippines

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Japanese and Korean beauty products have been reining Asian beauty for over 10 years now. But recently Thailand has entered the scene and gone viral in Tktok. One of the reasons why I like Thai Beauty their products are formulated for the humid weather of Southeast Asia. Below are some Thai beauty brands you should know that are available in the Philippines. You can buy them in Lazada thanks to Konvy.

Konvy is Thailand’s No.1 beauty retailer, they are both available online and physical stores in Thailand. But recently, I discovered that they’re available in the Philippines too.

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Thai Beauty Brands:

4u2 jelly tint - thai beauty brand

1. 4U2 – This brand, specifically their Jelly Tint went viral in TikTok late last year. I admit, it was really good. No wonder a lot of Filipinos hoard them. But besides the Jelly Tint, 4U2 has a good selection of lip products that are worth trying.

Srichand Sunlution Acne Care Sunscreen SPF50 - thai beauty brand

2. Srichand – When I went to Thailand last December, this was the brand my friend eagerly looking for specifically their sunscreens. There were 3 variants but my favorite is the Sunlution Acne Care Sunscreen SPF50 because I have acne-prone skin. Besides that, their foundation and concealer products with SPF are worth checking too.

3. SASI – This is a makeup and skincare brand. Their lip products are popular too but my fave is their famous SASI Loose Powder. It has 5 variants for every skin type.

4. sis2sis – This one has an interesting concept. They’re makeup packaged in sachets! Yes, blushes, lipsticks, eyeshadows, and even an eyeliner. What I like about it is that it fits in any bag, saving space.


Poy Sian and Tiger Balm may be the most popular, but I highly recommend Hong Thai. It is soothing, relieves my migraine, and aids my hangover. Even Lisa of Blackpink is using this.