Halloween Makeup Ideas

Photo by T Leish

Halloween is becoming one of the biggest holiday seasons of the year. It is no longer restricted to costumes of spooks and monsters; it is now up to you who you are for Halloween! Whether you want to dress as Barbie, a character from a Tim Burton movie, or a traditional vampire, you will find plenty of Halloween makeup ideas on social media.

Along with this expanding love for Halloween celebrations, there are also more products available on the market to help you realistically dress as your favourite character or try Halloween makeup for your traditional monster costume. With SFX makeup available to everyone, you are able to produce impressive Halloween makeup looks with a little bit of practice and a handy tutorial.

If you would like to learn how to create a simple vampire Halloween makeup look, then professional makeup artist @makeupmadhouse has a tutorial on the ColouredContacts.com website.

Alternatively, if you like to take inspiration from popular culture characters, check out her Beetlejuice-inspired tutorial also available at ColouredContacts.com.

While these may take a little more skill than covering your face in white face paint to dress as a ghost, it is worth the time and effort for the amazing results, especially if you love the Halloween season.

If you would prefer to try quick and easy Halloween makeup ideas then here are some simple costumes that you can complete with eyeshadow, bodypaint, eyeliner, or fake blood:

  • Frankenstein’s Monster: Draw some stitches on your face and neck to turn yourself into Frankenstein’s Monster. If you want to copy the classic movie, paint your face green.
  • Vampire Makeup: Any red makeup can be used to create blood drips from the corners of your mouth. Use white makeup to draw pointed teeth on your bottom lip and add dramatic eye makeup to finish.
  • Ghost Makeup: Paint your face white and add dark circles around your eyes. Don’t forget to paint other patches of visible skin white in order to match.
  • Zombie Makeup: Paint dark circles around your eyes and create gruesome patches of skin with red makeup or fake blood.
  • Pumpkin Makeup: Paint your face bright orange and add black lines or black triangles around the eyes to look like a Jack O’Lantern.
  • Devil Makeup: Paint cute devil horns on your eyelids or give your makeup a red theme to pair with your devil costume.
  • Spiderweb Makeup: Using eyeliner or body paint, draw a black spider web above or below your eye or on your forehead. You can even add a painted spider dangling from the web. To add some glam to your makeup, add gems to your spiderweb to make it sparkle.
  • Clown Makeup: Add triangles in your chosen colour above and below your eyes to create a clown face. You can also paint your lips and exaggerate the corners for a clown effect.

While traditionally Halloween is a time to dress in grotesque and gory costumes, there’s no reason you can’t try out pretty Halloween makeup ideas. At most Halloween parties, the point is to have fun dressing up in costume and usually, the hosts don’t mind what character you choose. If you want to create pretty fancy dress costumes from your own wardrobe, you could try popular characters like Barbie or spooky characters like M3gan. Barbie is back at the forefront after the movie’s release, so there is plenty of makeup inspiration on Instagram and TikTok. Adding a pink lip with white teeth and exaggerated eye makeup to your Barbie costume will ensure everyone knows who you are dressed as. If you are going as a stereotypical Barbie, you can also add a pair of Blue Coloured Contacts Lenses to complete your look.

 If you do want to make your Halloween makeup ideas scary, then adding effects such as prosthetics or fake gore is the perfect way to make it extra freaky. To complete your scary makeup, add some costume Halloween colored contact lenses to change your eye colour. The cool designs that are available can make you completely unrecognisable. Here are some of the most popular Halloween designs that will completely change your eyes:

  • Mini Sclera Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses: Change the size of your iris with these large coloured contact lenses that completely change your eye colour. The black mini sclera lenses are particularly popular and spooky.
  • Cat Eye Coloured Contact Lenses: The vertical pupil of these cat eye lenses is super strange to see on a human. Wear them for all kinds of reptiles, dragons, and felines.
  • Werewolf Coloured Contact Lenses: Want your guests to believe you can shapeshift? The detailed werewolf lenses will cover your natural iris as if you have transformed into your animal alter-ego.
  • Crazy Clown Coloured Contact Lenses: Add clown lenses to your costume to give an even more freaky look to your costume. Adding an unnaturally bright blue or a spooky orange is sure to step up the scare factor.
  • Classic Halloween Coloured Contact Lenses: Block coloured contact lenses are available in shades such as red, black, and white. These coloured contacts essentials are so versatile so if you are planning more than one Halloween costume you may be able to save money by wearing the same coloured contacts.

Whether you are choosing Halloween makeup ideas easy or are challenging yourself to complete 31 days of Halloween, it can be hard to narrow down your choice of Halloween costumes. We wish Halloween didn’t come just once a year but plenty of makeup artists experiment with makeup ideas and coloured contact lenses all year round.