Where to Buy Antigen COVID Home Test Kits in the Philippines?

where to buy antigen covid home test kits in the philippines
Photo by Alex Koch from Pexels

The COVID-19 infection rate may have gone lower this year, but it is still important to maintain COVID-19 safety practices according to the World Health Organization (WHO). I don’t care if it’s already allowed not to wear masks. I will still wear one whenever I’m in indoor spaces and in crowds. Because for the first time since the pandemic started, I got infected last October which made me realize it was really a good decision to stock up on antigen home test kits in our home’s first aid kit. But finding a reliable self-testing kit is not that easy. The local drugstores don’t usually stock them and there are a lot of scammers online. So below is my list of where to buy antigen COVID home test kits in the Philippines.

List of Reliable Stores to Buy Antigen Covid Home Test Kits in the Philippines:

1. INDOPLAS PHILIPPINES – This is one of my go-to online medical stores during the peak of the pandemic. This is where I bought KN95 masks, alcohol swabs, thermometers, and other medical supplies. So I’m not surprised that they’re now selling antigen home test kits like the SD Biosensor Standard Q Antigen Home Test Kit which I personally use and the famous SD Abbott Zybio Wondfo Antigen Home Test which is cheaper.

2. TELECURE – They sell the Antigen Self Test Kit by Zybio which is FDA Approved and validated with/ Free Assessment. This is however a little pricier than Abbott’s but cheaper than Biosensor.

3. CHAMPION BIOTECH – They sell the Partners Ag Antigen Home Test Kit which is one of the top-selling home test kits in Lazada.

4. WATSONSThis is where I first bought my antigen home test kit to use before and after attending concerts. But I bought it online because they usually don’t have stocks in their mall branches. What I like about Watsons Online is they offer same-day delivery via Grab.

It is important to keep you and your loved ones safe from Covid-19. I highly recommend stocking up not just on face masks but also on some antigen home test kits. But do take note that home test kits are as not as accurate as RT PCR Tests so make sure to test at least twice when you get Covid-19 symptoms. When I first got the symptoms I got a negative result but I tested again two days later and I tested positive.

So far these are the reliable stores where to buy antigen COVID home test kits in the Philippines. If I find more I’ll update this list.