7 Simple and Special Marriage Proposal Ideas

You’ve met the love of your life. You’ve started looking at engagement rings to pop the question. Now you just need to figure out how you’re going to propose to them. There are so many ways to make the moment memorable, but you don’t need to spend big bucks just to make it a moment they’ll never forget. From picking out the perfect solitaire engagement ring for them to writing “Will you marry me?” with magnets, here’s our list of seven simple and special marriage proposal ideas that will sweep them off their feet.

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1. Propose on the Beach — Imagine the wind blowing through their hair. The sun is setting. Birds are chirping. You’re trying not to sweat, but you smile through it because you know how special the moment is going to be when you stop walking as the sun hits the horizon and you’re down on one knee. Few things are as romantic as a walk on the beach. If you plan on proposing on a beautiful and warm day at the beach, make sure you’ve insured the engagement ring you’re proposing to them with in case they accidentally get too excited, and the ring drops into the sand or gets lost in the waves.

2. Outdoor Picnic — Pack your lunches to go and take your significant other for an outdoor picnic. You’ll be munching on sandwiches and laying out on the picnic blanket. All of a sudden, as you two are people-watching in the park, you show them one of those stunning oval engagement rings you saw on their Pinterest board. Even if you’re looking to keep it low budget or simple, there are ways to add some magic to the moment, especially if you’re proposing in public. If you’re going with the beach or outdoor picnic proposal, you can hire a proposal photographer to capture the moment you’ll be proposing to your partner.

3. Ring and Dessert — For a sweet proposal, take your partner out to dinner, and when the dessert comes out, they’ll find the engagement ring inside of their dessert (make sure they don’t swallow it!). Other popular variations of the ring and dessert proposal include champagne and engagement rings instead, where the engagement ring sits at the bottom of the glass of champagne with the meal. If you’re going to a relatively high-end restaurant, chances are they’ve seen this kind of proposal done many times, so feel free to ask them for some ideas and suggestions. If you prefer a quiet moment at home, you can go to a bakeshop to get a freshly baked cupcake, put the ring in there, and give it to your future fianceé at home.

4. Spell It Out with Magnets — Get a few of those alphabetical magnet sets. If you live together or if you’re at home together one day, spell out, “Will You Marry Me?” on the fridge with magnets. It’ll put a smile on their face the moment they see it. If you like spelling it out and want to inspire the wordsmith in you, you can also propose a rousing game of Scrabble.

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5. Close-Knit Circle — Have her family and friends, along with your close-knit circle, join in on the fun of the proposal. If she’s close with her loved ones or would appreciate being surrounded by her loved ones when you propose, consider getting everyone involved. All of her friends and family will appreciate that they were included. They can bring fun signs and decorations. Your friends can come and cheer you on and calm your nerves. If you’re not sure which friends and family to include, consult their best friend for some suggestions.

6. Propose with a Rose Hand her a bouquet of beautiful flowers such as pink roses or red roses along with the engagement ring when you propose. If you want flowers that speak to her and don’t want to be cliche with a rose, go for a flower that represents her birthdate or astrological sign. For example, if she was born in the month of August, her flower would be a poppy. If she’s a Scorpio, the corresponding flower would be a geranium. Try a flower that signifies the month you met — so if you met in February, get her a violet.

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7. Go for a Hike — If our earlier suggestions to do an outdoor picnic or walk on the beach don’t get your heart pumping, why not propose a hike? Once you get to the summit, flash that ring and give your speech. It’ll make for an unforgettable moment and also a great photo opportunity. However, if you prefer not to accidentally drop the ring off the side of the mountain, you can wait until after you finish the hike.

If you’re feeling the pressure to propose in a unique way, you’re not alone. According to WeddingPro, one in four proposers feels pressured to plan something unique. Just remember that being unique doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. No matter which of these ideas you incorporate into your proposal, the best thing you can do is show up with your best self and a beautiful ring to match. Your future fiancé will appreciate the thoughtfulness behind your proposal, and they’re sure to smile when you’re down on your knee opening that little box to represent the rest of your lives together.