7 Great Ways To Protect Your Natural Hair From Chlorine

Photo by Camila Cordeiro from Pexels

Winters are almost at the end, and it’s going to be a new start of summers after facing the deadly corona pandemic. People will still enjoy the summers with zest and zeal. All the summer events will be arranged in allay all the activities will be celebrated with joy.  

So what’s your plan for this summer? 

I guess you might be desiring a lazy lap in the cold blueish water or might desiring a deep dive into the swimming pool. Because very few people say they don’t like swimming otherwise, most people love to swim and consider it a healthy activity. So you might be one of them.

Well, swimming is fun until it doesn’t damage your hair. But we can’t deny the adverse effect of the contaminated water that causes harm to our hairs. The chlorinated water may harm our follicles, but it is meant to save us from the bacteria. The effect of Chlorine is evident on your hair. The only way to protect your hair is the care and prevention. 

In this article, I will discuss the seven best tips for protecting colored hair from Chlorine. Through this guide, you will be able to enjoy swimming safely without harming your hair. But before this, if in case you are not aware of Chlorine, then let’s discuss why Chlorine is added in the water and are severe effects of Chlorine on hairs.

Chlorine and its effects on hairs;

Chlorine is the chemical added to the water to make the water refreshing, clean, and bacteria-free. It kills all the bacteria and algae produced in water and makes the water safe for swimming.

Chlorine is essential to be added to the water because it resists bacteria and algae growth, and it’s more important to do so because of the covid-19 spread. Although, Chlorine is highly bad harmful to our hairs. It makes our hair look dry, damaged, and rough. The chlorinated water took out all the natural oil from the follicles, which are essential to make your hairs look naturally smooth, healthy, and glowing.

Moreover, when Chlorine is chemically erected, it causes more damage to your hair by changing the colour of your hair. Chlorine can cause a change in hair colour, makes your hair strands weaker, and cause a split end. 

But along with all the effects, it doesn’t mean that we should quit swimming. Instead, the best way is to cope with the situation and plan for a preventive solution to reduce the damaging effect of Chlorine on the hairs.  

Now let’s come to the central part of the article and discuss the 7 Great Ways To Protect Your Natural Hair From Chlorine.

Wear a swim cap and Tie a hair bun or make a braid

If you wouldn’t mind, then the best way Is to avoid the direct contact of hairs with the diluted water so in this way you can save your natural hairs or coloured hair from the chlorine water. The best would be to wear a swim cap and cover your hair in it. 

If not, you can also make a braid or tie your hair up in a bun. Doing this will damage your hair less and keep hair healthy by creating fewer tangles in it. 

Wet your hair before swimming

The next most practical and helpful tip is rinse your hair with fresh water before jumping into the pool. Doing this will secure your strands from the chlorinated water to an extent. Suppose you try to jump into the pool with dry hair. In that case, your hairs will immediately absorb all the chlorinated water and effects poorly on your hairs by removing all the natural oil from the hairs and making the fibres of the hairs rough and dry, so to prevent this, you need to rinse your hairs with the freshwater then jump into the pool so your hairs will absorb all the freshwater. 

Apply the live-in conditioner 

Live in conditioner is also a compelling product that keeps your hair protective from the Chlorine and as well from the saltwater and sun. It will never allow the Chlorine to erect with your coats and remove all the moisturizer from the hairs. But remember one thing you have to put on the conditioner frequently after every time you dive into the pool.

Apply coconut oil

It is also one of the best techniques to maintain and lock the natural oil of your hairs. If you put coconut oil on your skin, the hair would not absorb the chlorine water. The oil will make a protective shield around your strands and split ends. 

Coconut also helps reduce the roughness from the hair, so after getting out of the pool, you will get more smother hairs instead of damaged hairs. 

Wash your hair with fresh cold water after swimming

It’s the most important hack that most people neglect and have damaged split ends and an itchy scalp. You need to rinse your hair right after getting out of the pool. Make sure to rinse it with cold freshwater. 

Wash your hair with shampoo and apply conditioner

Mostly it happens when you rinse your hair after swimming. It still got damaged and lost strands flexibility. It is just because of a lack of unclean efforts. Yes, to clean your hair thoroughly, you need to use the quality swimming shampoo that has the power to clean the bleaching chemical.

After that, apply any moisturizer or conditioner to get back the flexibility and maintain the moisturizer of the hairs. 

Air dry your hairs 

Many people love blow-dried hairs, so your need to avoid blow dries right after having the swim session because it weakens your follicles more and decreases the elasticity of the strands. So the best way is to avoid blow drying your hairs; instead, you can air-dry your hairs. 

Final words

All these tips and hacks are well experimented with and examined and have effective results, so I will recommend you try and use these great tips while having your swimming session. I hope it will also be beneficial for you and save your hair.