Is it necessary to add Primer to the Makeup Routine?

Some people may consider Primer an unnecessary step, but we will say Primer is one of the essential steps for makeup. Before applying makeup, you have to use a primer to get ready a base.

Suppose you are going to girls’ night out, but your makeup starts smudged and smeared after some time. It happens because of having makeup without Primer. It doesn’t matter how luxurious your foundation is; it is all in vain if you are not using a primer before foundation.

Even makeup artists suggest using Primer for a good base and staying makeup long. Don’t mistake wearing makeup without Primer if you are starting in makeup.

Is Using Primer Essential?

Yes, adding Primer into your makeup routine is necessary. It makes a huge difference in face makeup. You have to make little expense for Primer, but this step makes big changes to your makeup look.

The good thing about the Primer is it’s a part of both makeup and skincare. Primer prepares your skin for makeup. They create a canvas for makeup. You can also use Primer on your eyelid.

There are a lot of different primers available in the market. Some primer does hydrate your skin, or some illuminate pores. The most used and famous is silicone-based Primer.

How to Apply Makeup Primer?

You have to apply Primer before the makeup and after the skincare. You don’t need anything to use Primer. Just take a pea-size amount of Primer in your clean fingers.

Now apply Primer into your forehand, cheek, and T-zoned area. Gently massage on circular motion after massage waits for some time to perfectly set the Primer in the skin.

Applying Primer this way will change your makeup game. Adding Primer gives you a flawless look. Now you can use foundation and concealer.

Although we have to choose a primer according to skin type, we will discuss different face primers for different skin types.

Makeup Primer for Oily Skin

Oily skin creates problems. Because of oily skin, your makeup can melt. A makeup primer that includes absorbent particulates is good for oily skin. It takes oil from the skin. Mostly oily skin primers have a powdery form.

If you have large pores, choose a primer to minimize pores. You can select a primer according to your skin at

Makeup Primer for Dry Skin

For dry skin, you need a hydrating primer. A hydrated base primer gives glow to oily skin-type people. Choose a primer that stays for a long time. Dry skin primer has gel-based consistency.

They provide a radiant base finish. You can choose any gel-based primer for dry skin. There are so many primers available in the market so that you can choose according to your priorities. Get the perfect primer for your skin at

Makeup Primer for Normal Skin

If you have normal skin, then choose a silicon-based primer. Choose your Primer wisely. Although silicon help to give you smooth skin, too much silicone is bad for your skin. Choose a good primer for normal skin from

Makeup Primer for Combination Skin

Combination skin types need exerting, so every kind of Primer can be used for combination skin. Choose a primer that does not make your skin greasy.

A combination skin type primer has the excess shine to give you a glow. Combination skin doesn’t need much; use a good primer for the base.