Using Foam Rollers: Achieve That Glamorous Look Effortlessly Without Interfering With Your Beauty Rest

Life is not perfect, but your hair can be. We all love to look good right from our hair all the way to the feet, and a major part of our looks is our hair.

Hair, when done right, is sure to catch attention and get heads turning giving you that flawless, glamorous look and gives a bit of boost in your confidence helping you nail it on that prom night or an interview the next day.

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Whether you are for a beautiful, tight curl or big loose curls, both are amazingly easy to achieve using foam hair rollers. These spongy cylinders can help you achieve that signature look that will keep people talking for days. And the best part is that you can achieve this without using heat.

Well, foam rollers can be used to create curls on your hair in a few hours preferably overnight. Here is how to use foam hair curlers to create that head turning look.

1. Before using the curlers

  • Foam rollers work best when used on a damp hair. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner and dry it up using a towel. You may want to wash it at bedtime so that your rollers have a lot of time to sit in and dry completely.
  • When drying gently squeeze your hair with the towel. Do not rub vigorously as this may cause breakage. Be sure that your hair is at least 80 percent dry.
  • Comb through the hair with a wide-toothed comb to prevent hair breakage.
  • Apply a setting lotion, or a mousse to prepare the hair for styling.

2. Putting on the rollers

  • Wash your curlers before the first use. This will get rid of any dirt or residue that may be transferred to your hair.
  • Select the size of the rollers you want to use. For small tight bouncy curls use the smaller foam rollers. For big, loose soft curls select the bigger rollers.
  • Part your hair into sections, top, sides, and back. Each section placed to a roller should be small to create perfect curls.
  • Start rolling from the top coming down and for each section start from the ends moving upwards.
  • Roll your hair upwards until it reaches your scalp before securing the rollers.
  • Use one-inch sections of hair for each roller and continue to roll until your entire head is covered.
  • For bigger softer, curls place the rollers horizontally
  • Secure the foam rollers firmly onto your hair by bending its ends. Roll your hair upwards into the curl, and then bend the rollers at the ends to face down.
  • Roll the hair as tight as possible to keep the curlers in place while asleep.
  • Keep rolling until your entire head is covered and let the rollers sit in for at least eight hours as you enjoy your sleep.
  • Anchor the closure of the foam rollers safely using a bobby pin to prevent dents on your scalp.

3. Taking off the rollers

  • Remember; let the rollers sit in your hair for at least eight hours before removing them.
  • Unclasp each bobby pin from the foam rollers before removing them gently.
  • Avoid pulling the rollers as this may interfere with the curls.
  • When all the rollers are removed from your hair, flip your head and shake gently to send the curls to the back of your head.
  • You can then part your hair into a style by combing through it using your fingers.
  • Finally, use hairspray to set your hair and give it that shiny healthy look and bingo…You are ready to go!

Wrapping Up

When using foam curlers, you should observe these precautions to guarantee that flawless look you desire:

  • Define your curls. This can be done by getting the right size of rollers for your hair. An article about this can be found in The Hair Central website. This article in their site has a complete list of the best hair rollers to sleep in.
  • Ensure the hair is completely dry before taking out the curls.
  • For freshly washed hair, be sure that your hair is at least eighty percent dry. Not too wet to become slippery and not too dry.
  • For dry hair, damp hair by using a water spray bottle before putting on the curlers.
  • After each use, straighten back the rollers by adjusting the wire to get them back into shape.