A Guide About Restraining Your Cat While Trimming Nails

Having pets at home is the best thing ever that you could have in your life, even though taking care of your pet can be a little challenging. But the joy they bring to your home is undoubtedly the best thing you can ask for. When talking about cats and dogs, there are times when they feel scared and afraid of things you do to them. For example, when you take your pet to a bath, they might hesitate to enter the bathroom.


Similarly, clipping/ trimming nails is one thing cats and dogs are most frightened of. Because of the challenges pet owners face, they seem to be interested in articles and blogs on the Internet that talk about things like how to restrain a cat to clip nails, trim cat nails, clip nails, and so on. Most pet owners find it confusing to find the correct way that works with their pets. However, the search remains constant.


In this post, you’ll be getting answers to the most common questions you have related to cat nails and how to look after them. So, without further ado, quickly scroll down to get straight to the topic.


What Do the Cat Behaviourists Have to Say About Restraining Cats?

According to animal experts, it is possible to train cats to stay calm while clipping nails. A majority of experts suggest training cats to stay calm or even make them like nail trimming. Whenever you plan to trim your cat’s nails, you must give them time to relax. Instead of clipping nails in a crowded and loud space, you must select a quiet and peaceful house corner.


The cat behaviourist also suggests that one must start introducing nail trimming to cats when they are still little kittens trying to discover the world. Cats are misinterpreted creatures to be wild and weird, but if you know the tricks to restrain and train them.  You can give a quick read to why cats are misinterpreted all the time.


What are a Few Things That You Can Try to Make Your Cat Adjust to Trimming Nails?


Make the cat adjust to you touching and holding their paws

Most cats don’t like their feet being touched. The idea of trimming nails comes in much later, but first, you need to make your cat adjust to feeling its paws. Right from the beginning, you must try to be playful as much as you can so that in the future when you hold their feet for nail clipping, they allow you to do it.


Allow the cat to get familiar with the clipper

You can leave the clipper at a place where your cat can easily find it. Animals are more curious about discovering new things. It would help if you allowed the cat to find the clipper and play with it for a while. Once they get used to seeing it and having it around them, it will be easier for them to adjust to clippers touching any part of their body.


Reward them for keeping the patience

Once you know how to restrain a cat to clip nails and allow you to cut the nail, you must immediately release their paw and give them a treat. As you train your cat for other things and reward them if they obey your orders, you must appreciate them when they allow you to cut their nails. It will give them the sense of doing things right and will have a better approach towards it in the future.


There are many platforms on the Internet dedicated to pet blogs, pet information, and guides. If you need any help understanding your pet’s behaviour or learning how to look after their needs, you can subscribe to their platform to get the correct information and guide. You will learn new and exciting things on your journey to be a pet parent.