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7 Adorably Cute Ways To Style Your Short Hair

Long hair is amazing but short hair has been wildly trending in 2021. From Halsey to Demi Lovato, everyone is chopping their hair off, inspiring many short hair trends. They say if you want a drastic life transformation, then you must consider short hair. Short hair has a way of making one person look cute and fierce. So, here are some styles that you must try if you have short hair.

  • Asymmetrical Bob

Hear me out! I agree that nothing can ever be cuter than the same length bob, but with the right tools, an asymmetrical bob can give you the cuteness and edge like none other. Adding an angle to your haircut using the best hair cutting scissors and tools is a must as it creates a slow transition from shorter to longer lengths. Hence, you get a cute chic look. You can then add waves or bangs to make your hair look more stylish, giving you a little extra touch. 

  • Overgrown Pixie Cut 

We all have been there when within two weeks of cutting our hair, the charm is lost. Our hair grows, and the pixie isn’t as cool as it was. So, to style your overgrown pixie cut, straighten your hair and give it a deep side part, add a little hair gel to give it a little wet hair look. Tuck your hair behind your ears, and there you go.

  • Bob with Beach Waves

Yes!! You can have beach waves on short hair, and all you need is a heat protectant, curling wand, and a little salt spray. Outgrowing Inverted bob isn’t the most fun experience (I say it with Experience). Adding some beach waves to your hair can enhance the overall appearance, but adding hair accessories to this look can make you look good on any occasion.

  •  Straight and Wave

If you were one of the people who got yourself the best hair cutting shears to give yourself some layers and bangs in lockdown, Sis, I did the same. But layers and bangs on short hair can become monotonous after a while. Hence, we need spice. Part your hair on the side, take the half with fewer stands, straighten them and tuck the hair behind your ear. Add waves using a curler on the other side. This will create a straight/ wavy look and give the illusion of different hair lengths.

  • Modern Mullet

Even if the sound of “mullet” scares you, don’t worry. A professional hairdresser uses the fancy accessories and best scissors for cutting hair; therefore, pulling off a mullet on your own can look intimidating, but with fringes, texture, and a few of your trimming skills, Modern Mullet is an easy pull off. 

  •  The Lazy Half Bun

I know everyone was waiting for this, and here it is. If happiness had another name, then it would have been the messy, lazy half-bun. The half-bun looks amazing on short hair, but if you are anything like me with thin hair, it can create a little bit of a blah look. But, here is the trick, adding waves to the hair in a half bun creates an illusion of more volume. So, bye-bye blah look and Hello, Lazy half-bun.

  •  Blunt Bangs

Blunt bangs are instant style statements. But the moment I fell in love with blunt bangs was when I looked at Taylor Swift at the 2016 Grammys (ahh! The good old days). To get the perfect blunt bang look, try out straightening the hair and flipping the ends out. It not only gives you an unconventional look, but it also brings a retro vibe with minimum effort.